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A collection of songs by Lillie Davis-Walker & Steven L. Walker, Don't come creepin'30
A critical analysis of "power evangelism" as an evangelistic methodology of the signs and wonders movement30
A critical, philosophical examination of moral reasoning and moral education in current educational models and a proposition for a new, alternative, comprehensive moral education model in elementary grades 4-6 part 230
AGI data sheets for geology in the field, laboratory, and office, The Art of fiction30
A Guide to Native American (Indian) research sources at the Georgia Department of Archives and History30
A Guide to Native American (Indian) research sources at the Georgia Department of Archives and History part 230
A Life of Wilson Shannon, Governor of Ohio, diplomat, Territorial Governor of Kansas26
American Indian resource materials in the Western History Collections, University of Oklahoma30
An Account of the Spanish shipwreck "la galga" and the loss of the treasure fleet of 1750 part 230
Analysis of a human immunodeficiency virus type 1 R5 strain that exhibits an expanded tropism to CD4+ T-cell lines30
An animated screenplay adaptation based on John R. Erickson's novel, The adventures of Hank the cowdog part 230
An ethnographic case study of the dimensions of learning implementation process at a K-8 suburban magnet school30
An Evaluation of the effects of secondary school science of [i.e. on] non-college high school graduates30
A new study guide to Steinbeck's major works, with critical explications, Steinbeck and Hemingway27
An investigation regarding the relationship between the effectiveness of elementary faculty groups as a whole and their respective grade level teams in kindergarten through grade six30
An investigation using Quality Potential Assessment for a comparison at relationships between self-directed work teams and traditional work groups part 230
A program for the recovery of church life of a connectional African American congregation30
Aristotle contemplating the bust of Homer; a package of four slides including the full subject. Slides 13330011-13330014. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, author of renewable matter: Sandak, Inc30
A study of the relationship between precipitation events, motor vehicle crashes and emergency room utilization in a trauma center environment30
Audiocassette listening guide for lectures on Leading public worship, Jack Clayton, a guide to references and resources26
Bestimmung und Beschreibung des sprachlichen Feldes, Jordash, Rochelle30
Bibliographic displays in the online catalog, Alfie Elf was Santa's helper, Hey, hey, little one30
Bibliographic guide to government publications. Foreign ., Richard Hooker, Albion W. Small25
Bibliographie courante d'articles de periodiques a 1944 sur les problememes politiques, economiques et sociaux = Index to post-1944 periodical articles on political, economic, and social problems30
Bibliographie courante d'articles de periodiques a 1944 sur les problememes politiques, economiques et sociaux = Index to post-1944 periodical articles on political, economic, and social problems part 230
Black healers during the colonial period and early 19th century America, Herbmas's critical theory of society29
Business responses to Keynesian economics, 1929-1964, an analysis of the process by which the modern American .30
Catalog of broadsides of American verse in the Harris collection of American poetry and plays30
Catalog of broadsides of American verse in the Harris collection of American poetry and plays part 230
Catalog of broadsides of American verse in the Harris collection of American poetry and plays part 330
Catalogue of the Library of the Graduate School of Design, Frances Loeb Library, Harvard University30
Charles William Lindeman, Jr., Cheryl Ann Lindeman, A man and his movies, Elmer Bernstein30
Collector notes on the M1911A1 auto pistol--W. W. II, One kiss, Woman, ease it up27
Commander in Chief Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, Sir Norman Angell, critic of appeasement, 1935-194030
Communicative practice, grammatical practice, and the development of linguistic competence30
Delivery system economics, the challenge of managing branch and electronic delivery today28
Developing problem-solving skills in mathematics, Go for tonight, Spin ; There for me ; What you need30
Dictionary of the literature of the Iberian peninsula, Gonzalo Torrente Ballester30
Do continuing care retirement communities create an environment that allows elderly residents to enjoy a greater life satisfaction than community-based seniors?23
Early sorrows (for children and sensitive readers), The Flower show ; The Toth family30
Edgar Rice Burroughs' Korak, son of Tarzan. Vol. 10, no. 55, Dec. 1973/Jan. 1974 part 230
Edward Albee: a collection of critical essays, War story guide, Scandinavian hymnody30
Eighteenth-century Spanish literature, Arthur Rimbaud, Alexander Kuprin30
Emily Bronte: a psychological portrait. Text: Norma Crandall, Workbook for English AA27
English Renaissance lute practice as reflected in Rogert [i.e. Robert] Dowland's .30
Enriching elementary social studies curriculum using community resources as an .30
Evaluation of an integrated service delivery model for special .., Dream in fantasy27
Favorite poems for fairy foot prints. By Willie Stockton Whisenhunt Pruett30
Functions of the poliovirus 5' noncoding region in cap-independent translation and neurotropism30
Grandmothers as caregivers to their grandchildren born with positive toxicological screenings for illicit drugs30
Guide to the research collections of the Maryland Historical Society, Bet a million30
Hartford Tool and Manufacturing Engineering Conference and Exposition, April 9-11, 1985, Hartford, Connecticut30
Henry Miller and the surrealist discourse of excess30
Henry Saint John, Viscount Bolingbroke, William Warburton, Rider Haggard30
History of creativity in the arts, science, and technology, Vegetable stew, Because we're lovers + 7 songs28
History of the political economy of the United States, Just one of them things, I miss the children28
Howard Nemerov's poetic themes and images as they appear in his .., Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen30
How some parish catechetical leaders respond to incidents of suspected child abuse25
How to incorporate in tax free Nevada for only $50, Magazines, Keane and Harry collection number 129
How to start a children's church ministry in the black church, Back catalog, Chin music30
Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, and the introduction of Italian humanism in fifteenth century England29
Instructor's guide for Cross-cultural training for US business professionals, Doing business in Brazil29
Instructor's manual to accompany Descubrir y crear, tercera edicion, Lincoln Steffens; a biography29
Instructor's manual to accompany The McGraw-Hill introduction to literature, second edition, [by] Gilbert H. Muller, John A. Williams30
Ja, vi elsker; the Norwegian national anthem. Translation of Norwegian text: G. M. Gathorne-Hardy, ed.: Harald Naess25
Late nineteenth-century American diary literature, Edward Bellamy, Robert Bly30
Leader's guide for group study of The John Donne treasury edited by Erwin P. Rudolph [i.e. Erwin Paul Rudolph]29
Life and liberty, an American history [by] Philip Roden, Robynn L. Greer, Bruce Kraig, Betty M. Bivens30
Lifelong learning opportunities for older adults at California community colleges25
Mechanisms of leukocyte transmigration across the human blood-brain barrier, Breathe easy30
Medical school in the university of hard knocks for parents of pre-schoolers, Capricorn I30
Medicine in Great Britain from the Restoration to the nineteenth century, 1660-180027
Metabolic response to acute cold air exposure and two levels of beta blockade in males and females27
Mrs. Paine's garage and the murder of John F. Kennedy, Edmund Blunden, Dewey defeats Truman25
Multiphase microspheres of poly(DL-lactic acid) and poly(DL-lactic-co-glycolic acid containing water-soluble drugs or proteins produced by a potentiometric dispersion technique part 230
My country lyrics of ballads and love songs, Comfort, comfort my people .., Car lot 1048030
New York Times oral history project, University of California, Picture of health18
Old Creole days. By George Washington Cable, with a foreword by Shirley Ann Grau25
Optical information systems buyer's guide & consultant directory, MR, Academic librarianship in a transformational age30
Out of the depths ; or, The triumph of the cross30
Pedagogy and prospective teachers in three college English courses, Better make a wish for Christmas29
Population variation of Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith) in the western hemisphere30
Quality improvement programs in Silicon Valley publicly-held semiconductor equipment companies part 225
Ray Bradbury's martian chronicles: a guide to understanding the classics30
Remote access to clinical laboratory diagnostic devices via the Internet, approved standard, AUTO9-A, vol. 26, no. 1130
Sam Shepard, Arthur Kopit, and the Off Broadway theater, Thornton Wilder. By Rex Burbank30
Sam Shepard, Arthur Kopit, and the Off Broadway theater, W.S. Merwin, W.S. Merwin the mythmaker30
School board member perceptions of boardsmanship education, training, and development resources with regard to the performance of school board duties part 230
Seventeenth-century verse and prose. Vol. 1: 1600-1660. By Helen C. White, Ruth C. Wallerstein & Ricardo Quintana30
Shorter term treatments for borderline personality disorders, I've just seen the rock of ages30
Sir Winston Churchill visits his mother's home in Brooklyn (1953) (Time capsules/Hearst reports)30
Social interactions of lythrypnus dalli and their effects on aggression, neuropeptides, steroid metabolism, and sex-typical morphology30
Solitary waves in relativistically invariant field theories and their application to the electromagnetic .30
Sons and lovers, a novel of division and desire, River, Basket of dreams29
Spiritual and social quest in the life and poetry of Edna St. Vincent .., Audio research in the law25
Staying out of the risk zone, Merce Cunningham, Other animals30
Student personnel work: a program of developmental relationships. By E.G. Williamson & Donald A. Biggs part 230
Study guide to accompany Applied production and operations management, third edition [by] James R. Evans, David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams part 230
Symptomatology, life events, and coping strategies in seasonal affective disorder30
Technical writing for engineers; a custom workshop for Hewlett-Packard computer systems part 230
Test bank to accompany College accounting, eleventh edition [by] John Ellis Price, M. David Haddock, Jr., Horace R. Brock part 330
The Abrasive wear resistance of AISI 4340 steel, ultra-high molecular .., Nortel networks troubleshooting and optimization25
The Behavior, ecology and environmental physiology of a nocturnal primate, Lepilemur Mustelinus . part 230
The Business manager's guide to barter, countertrade, and offset, Computer aids for VLSI design30
The complete illustrated guide to everything sold in hardware storeis and garden centers (except the plants)30
The Depraved sleepers and Golden Ophelia, Koko at 19, Catherine Cherie30
The Development of an educational program and an analysis of its effectiveness in altering racial attitudes of mid-level managers in a public agency30
The effects of an integrated learning system (ILS) using incremental time allotments on ninth-grade algebra achievement30
The effects of beliefs, perceptions, and values on parents' expectations for their children's academic achievement30
The gas phase decomposition and trimethylolpropane phosphate neurotoxin formation potential of tricresyl and T-butylphenyl phosphates30
The Home front and three treatments26
The impact of personality type and time in service of building leaders on the effective implementation of a character education program30
The Meters versus Marshall Sehorn Allen Toussaint, plus all of their business and every thing they own part 230
The Minor dramatists of seventeenth-century Spain, Derek Walcott, Lino Novas Calvo30
The Minor dramatists of seventeenth-century Spain, Nathalie Sarraute, Earle Birney30
The Minor dramatists of seventeenth-century Spain, Xenophon of Ephesus, J.L. Runeberg30
The New York Public Library writer's guide to style and usage, The most dangerous woman in America25
The Nineteenth-century Anglo-Jewish novel, Poets of the apocalypse, John Galt30
The Nineteenth-century Anglo-Jewish novel, Sir William Davenant, John Keats30
The Opera with the longest title in the repertoire; a one-act opera libretto. By Gerald Walker30
The ordeal of Richard Feverel. By George Meredith, introd. & footnote annotations by C. L. Cline29
The perceptions of African-American teachers regarding the effectiveness of K-12 public schooling in Orangeburg County since desegregation30
The Portuguese Royal Court and the patronage of sacred music in Rio de Janeiro, 1808-182127
The Post-Civil War Spanish social poets, Boethius, Alan Paton30
The Rainbow book, being a collection of essays & illustrations devoted to rainbows in particular & spectral sequences in general, focusing on the meaning of color (physically & metaphysically) from ancient to modern times part 230
The relationship among job satisfaction, self-esteem and self-perceptions of task structure of managers in a publicly administered organization30
The role of ethics in decision-making for senior management consultants in large consulting firms30
The role of soluble CD23 and Epstein-Barr virus in the development of AIDS-related non-Hodgkin's lymphoma30
The Selection and modification of algorithms in speeded tasks, Joel, Marie30
The Tragic life of Toulouse-Lautrec. By Lawrence Hanson & Elizabeth Hanson, This kind of woman29
Three experiments on providing and valuing threshold public goods with alternative rebate rules30
Tired of me; song. Words: Tommie O'Connell (Harold Thomas O'Connell), music: Joe Mantia (Joseph Ignatius Mantia)30
Transparency masters to accompany An Introduction to management science, fourth edition, quantitative approaches to decision making [by] David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams part 330
Twentieth-century French women novelists, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Sergey Esenin30
Twentieth-century French women novelists, Michel Tournier, Clement Marot30
Two families of methods for solving first and second order differential equations using Chebyshev polynomials part 430
Virginia Woolf's use of distance against patriarchal control of women, .30
Women composers, conductors, and musicians of the twentieth century--selected biographies30
Woodyard transaction program for haulers, mills, stumpage owners, workman's compensation, and severance tax settlement summaries and reports30
Writings of Carrie Williams Clifford and Carrie Law Morgan Figgs, The chinaberry tree19
Youngstown State University Wind Ensemble, Robert E. Fleming, director ... plays compositions of Paul Whear30
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