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A Comparative analysis of expected benefits of adventure based counseling activities and actual outcome benefits of male and female clients at Peninsula village30
A comparative study of the effects of an ESL/sheltered instructional program on the self-esteem and academic achievement of LEP students in grades 7 and 824
A comparison of health risk behaviors among college students enrolled in a required personal health course vs. enrolled in an elective personal health course30
A Comprehensive guide for teacher/trainers to accompany Dynamic listening, a multimedia communication series30
Advertising flyer introducing Nothing stops a determined being and Save the inch30
All about accounting student manual to accompany Accounting principles, third edition [by] Jack L. Smith, Robert M. Keith, William L. Stephens30
Alleluya, a new work is come on hand, Open house, Five seasons30
A meta-analysis of the comparative research on computer-assisted instruction and its effects on elementary and secondary mathematics achievement part 330
An animated screenplay adaptation based on John R. Erickson's novel, The adventures of Hank the cowdog part 330
An empirical assessment of Mississippi National Board certified teachers' beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes regarding their experiences with the National Board Certification process30
An empirical study comparing the psychological factors that describe agency and stewardship theories in principalsteward relationships30
A Preliminary needs assessment of the Navajo Nation, Library and Information Services Branch30
Articulation among Missouri area vocational schools, high schools, and community .26
A sponge fisherman of Albuquerque, Mixed emotions of love30
Attention deficit disorders evaluation scale home version quick score30
Attitudinal, normative, and economic factors in early response to an energy-use field . part 230
Biological demonstrations in the teaching of a stereochemical unit in college organic chemistry29
Brother Martin and the beloved community, Junior, Sax serenade. m Ira P. Schwarz24
Career choice and dysfunctional childhood background of college students entering nursing and computer science programs30
Communication and language intervention program (C L I P) for individuals with moderate to severe handicaps part 230
Community renewal through municipal investment, Planners' casebook, Coping with Proposition 1330
Computer analyzed vocabulary-controlled dictation materials for beginning Gregg shorthand (series 90)30
Computer graphics--metafile for the storage and transfer of picture description information--pt. 2, character encoding, amendment 1, rules for profiles part 330
Contemporary considerations in the treatment and rehabilitation of head and neck cancer26
Contemporary retailing: cases from today's market place: instructor's aid, No time, my son23
Dell crossword dictionary (revised) Edited by Kathleen Rafferty, Dell Pubishing Company, Inc., as employer in a work made for hire30
Developing computer skills: operating principles and software applications for Apple IIe, IIc, and IIGS30
Developing computer skills: operating principles and software applications for Apple IIe, IIc, and IIGS part 530
Domestic transportation: practice, theory, and policy, sixth edition: instructor's manual. TX 2-911-51227
Economics part 430
Exploring the Christian response to suffering through experiencing Christian friendship and community with special emphasis in understanding the relationship between art and theology30
Family functioning and dysfunctional attitudes as predictors of adjustment to college in a first semester college population part 230
Financial management--concepts and applications [by] Ramesh K. S. Rao30
Financial management in the food industry processors and distributors30
Flower and plant production in the greenhouse, 4th edition: teacher's manual, Livestock judging, selection and evaluation28
Fourth graders' reports of fruit and vegetable intake at school lunch, My Father's arms30
Handbook for parents of children with learning disabilities, Why the United States is rich. By Wheeler McMillen30
Handbook for the care of infants, toddlers, and young children with disabilities and chronic conditions part 230
Handbook on agricultural education in public schools, 4th ed, Mechanics in agriculture26
Hearing aid assessment and use in audiologic habilitation, Hearing aid, Sigma's crystal-belle30
HSA: home-school activities for children with learning disabilities, Washington, A Skyscraper story29
Human temperature as an indicator of pattern of the human and environmental energy field continuous mutual process26
Identification of knowledge and skills elementary principals use to initiate site-based shared decision-making part 230
Identification of knowledge factors and skill factors for the preproduction stage on developing interactive videodisc courseware30
Impacts of livestock production on society, diet/health and the environment, Rabbit production29
Improving communication in Parkinson's disease, Something to sing, Peacemeal26
Indian water rights, a public policy and administrative mess, Bigger than you are27
Industry marketing training, II: accounting, insurance, medical and wholesale, The Educator's money guide30
Instructor's guide to accompany Environmental science for agriculture and the life sciences30
Instructor's manual and test item file to accompany Introduction to kinesiology, the science and practice of physical activity, [by] Michael G. Wade, John A. W. Baker30
Instructor's manual to accompany Crisis in American institutions, fourth edition [by] Jerome H. Skolnick, Elliott Currie part 330
Instructor's manual with test bank and transparency masters to accompany Promotional strategy part 330
Integrated skills reinforcement for a clinical nursing course in a baccalaureate nursing program part 230
Introduction to horticulture: science and technology; instructional resource guide. By Jay Runner, Doug Anderson, Michael G. White, Jasper S. Lee30
Knowledge, exercise of self-care agency, and recidivism levels after .., People are talking28
Learning disabilities, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts of children and adolescents in an urban psychiatric hospital30
Legal rights, duties, and liabilities of criminal justice personnel27
Let's listen to a story. By Lillian Okun, New laugh, A Century song22
Let's talk about it, protecting yourself from teh new HIV29
Louisville's in the house, and 1 other selection, Overflight, Days of our lies30
Making sense of developmentally and culturally appropriate practice (DCAP) in early childhood education30
McKinney's New York criminal law pamphlet, including all amendments to January 1, 198930
Monitoring the effects of medications for students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder30
Negative peer influence and low levels of parental involvement variables affecting anger leading to violent behavior in adolescent minority males30
Paw can't wait till Sunday. w Ron Friedman & Pat McCormick, m George Wilkins, Look how far we've come30
Personal profile seminar for use in interactive organizational development30
Philosophies, goals and challenges of selecting repertoire for the collegiate and professional orchestra30
Philosophy and education: alternatives in theory and practice, Issues and alternatives in educational philosophy30
Poems for emotional healing. By Susan Jane Stabnau Edwards, The Rights of me, Students losing hope30
Psychological processes and cognitive mechanisms in the cultivation effect, Meat, social status and spatial politics in Pieter Aertsen's meat stall25
Purpose in politics: selected speeches. By Harold S. Wilson, It's called a paradise30
Questions & answers about cataract surgery as performed at the Park Eye Surgery Center30
RadioActive love. By Teresa Straley, Gabriel Black, pseud. of Gabriel Robles, & Tim Martin part 227
Ration formulation, ration evaluation, and step checking programs for use with the Feeds and feeding laboratory manual and instructor's guide30
Ration formulation, ration evaluation, and step checking programs for use with the Feeds and feeding laboratory manual and instructor's guide part 222
Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology ; v. 113, Practical insect management: a self-instruction manual30
Schedule for affective disorders and schizophrenia--lifetime version (modified for the study of anxiety disorders)30
S.I.F.T.E.R.: Screening instrument for targeting educational risk in children identified by hearing screening or who have known hearing loss part 230
Speech and language abilities of preschool age children prenatally exposed to *Removed*30
Stickers for speech-language pathology and voice improvement, Stuttering, The Blonigen fluency program26
Stressors that affect psychotherapists' therapeutic functioning, Clues speech reading for adults30
Student workbook to accompany First course in data processing with Basic, Cobol, Fortran, and RPG, second edition and First course in data processing with Basic, [by] Couger [i.e. J. Daniel Couger] & McFadden [i.e. Fred R. McFadden] part 230
Supervising and managing work group performance; a core curriculum for supervisors in human services30
Synthetic, structural, and physical studies on .., Freedom from worry and fear, Our Father's wonderful love29
Teacher's manual for the text Horses and horsemanship, The Complete book of dogs30
Teaching language concepts and labels to preschool children in special education and Head Start classes through physical education lessons27
The Conquests of Lance DeLapantz, and other works of sin and romance30
The Constitutionality of the K-12 funding systems in Illinois, The kids still have a lot to say30
The effect of complex instruction on the CTBS reading comprehension scores, and on the academic and non-academic development of sixth grade students30
The effect of personality on job-related stress levels among human service workers30
The experience of growing up in a minister's home and the religious commitment of the adult child of a minister30
The influence of physiologic factors and clinical interventions on the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm infants30
The Library in college instruction; a syllabus on the improvement of college instruction through library use. By Louis Round Wilson, Mildred Hawksworth Lowell & Sarah Rebecca Reed part 330
The prevention and first-aid treatment of childhood injuries, CBS news, Go braves26
The relationship between native listeners' perceptions of personality traits of nonnative speakers and the grammatical errors and phonetic errors in nonnative speakers' speech30
The relationship between personality and perceived success of organizational change part 230
The Relationship between the teachers' self-concepts and pupils' perception of teacher effectiveness30
The relationships among achievement of selected standards of nursing care, selected demographic variables, and morale of nursing home residents part 230
The relationships between retrospective perceptions of an alcoholic home environment with levels of differentiation of self and trait anxiety in adult children of alcoholics part 226
This morning, Maxwelton got up on the wrong side, Turnaround, To the dogs27
Treatment of homosexuality, a reanalysis and synthesis of outcome studies, Slapdash decorating30
William M. Eaton, Lieutenant Colonel, born March 17, 1919, Detroit, MI. ; Mission 21, Chateauroux meet the Luftwaffe ; Leipzig, a "routine" day for a 401st bomber crew, Feb. 20, 1944 ... [et al.]30
Winning systems for motivating children, for accelerating learning, for teaching independent study, reading, and communication habits part 330
Workbook for the identification of phonological processes and distinctive features30
Workers' compensation law and strategy guide--regulations, checklists, forms. Supplemental edition part 430
Written language remediation exercises for the older elementary child, Apricot, Reinforcing home activities: program for articulation improvement29
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