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Acidity probes for the estimation of acidity in the superacidic region of acidity part 230
Agribusiness: management, marketing, human resource development, communication, technology: teacher's manual30
A Qualitative study of factors contribution to the successful enrollment, retention, and graduation of Blacks in medical school25
Commodity marketing from a producer's perspective: 730-day profitable marketing of grain and livestock24
Computer applications for augmenting the management of speech, language, and hearing disorders part 230
Directions for use of "Obelisk" sleeve placket template, with accompanying specifications for said template, and five-step illustration page to clarify direction for "Obelisk" technique part 230
Don't be dissin' me & 5 other titles, Body talk, Working (9 to 5)30
Effective oral communication in the food, agricultural, natural resources, and environmental professions30
Faust. Pt. 1. Translation, introd. & notes: Bayard Quincy Morgan, Fancy, Libbys' works30
Food and fiber for a changing world: third-century challenge to American agriculture30
From the inside out (Intalio) collection, 200330
Instructional resource guide to accompany Introduction to world agriscience and technology29
Instructor's manual, Financial management, concepts and applications for health care providers30
Interstate's Environmental science and technology; activity manual. By Diana L. Turner30
Introduction to American business (book) later appeared in "American business: an introduction." By Ferdinand F. Mauser & David J. Schwartz part 230
Introduction to applied solid state physics: topics in the applications of semiconductors, superconductors, and the nonlinear optical properties of solids part 330
Introduction to horticulture: science and technology; instructional resource guide. By Jay Runner, Doug Anderson, Michael G. White, Jasper S. Lee part 330
Investigations of the interactions of silicon dioxide with copper-aluminum alloy used as an adhesion promoter and diffusion barrier for copper metallization on silicon dioxide30
Mathematics learning environment differences between resilient and non-resilient middle grade students part 230
Mechanics in agriculture: workbook: section 2 (based on fourth edition of textbook) TX 2-864-564 (1990)29
Our soils and their management: increasing production through environmental soil and water conservation and fertility management, 6th ed part 330
Parental influence in college choice among freshmen who .., Bentover, Songs about a man and his experiences27
Program planning and evaluation for blind and visually impaired students30
Shouldn't throw stones. w & m T. Daniel, William McKinley & A. Wilkaman, Strong in the broken places30
Student workbook to accompany Introduction to statistics. Concepts and applications, third edition [by] David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams part 230
Study guide to accompany The Mind tool--computers and their impact on society, second edition [by] Neill Graham30
Tailoring of the key practices of the capability of maturity model V1.1 for small business, small SW organizations, and small projects part 430
The Effect of chronic exercise in the heat on the thermal .., Store security, Test of standard written English30
The endocrinology of growth, development, and metabolism in vertebrates, Poultry science30
The Scholastic curriculum at early seventeenth-century Cambridge. By William Thomas Costello30
The specific medical treatment for cerebral palsy syndrome, and associated diseases ; The specific treatment of diagnosis, cerebral palsy syndrome, from diagnosis to maturity part 230
The Texas dog lover's companion, Economics30
Western fertilizer handbook series, set 13: western laws relating to fertilizing materials25
Wildlife management. Vol. 2.: Fur bearers, waterfowl & fish. By Reuben Edwin Trippensee25
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