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A German regiment among the French auxiliary troops of the American Revolutionary War30
A history of accounting in America: an historical interpretation of the cultural significance of accounting25
A History of the Department of Photography of the Museum of Modern Art and its photography collection part 330
Airborne & allergenic pollen of North America, The days, the life and passion of Walt-V28
Alaskan John G. Brady, missionary, businessman, judge, and governor, 1878-1918, This maze of majesty23
A literary-documentary analysis of Carl Christoph Beyer's German version of Nicodemus Frischlin's 1575 Wuerttemberg Court festival description part 230
An Analysis of teachers' perceptions of inservice components of a school-based inservice-preservice . part 230
An analysis of the textual relationships of selected manuscripts from group K(R) in the Gospel of John30
Art historical and archaeological approaches to stylistic theory and cultural interpretation in precontact ceramic decoration part 230
A Survey of attitudes of Alabama primary teachers toward selected concepts .., Ruins of the Reich30
A test of Eysenck's theory of introversion and extraversion using EEG, EDR, and heart rate measures in tasks of attention30
Auditor's framework for examination of model hierarchy & implementation ecosystem approach28
Authors' suggestions for the use of cases and materials on Federal Courts, tenth edition part 230
A Woman's place is on the water and how to beat men at their own game, All's fair29
Basic laboratory studies in college chemistry, with semimicro qualitative analysis30
Beverage TV commercial keyword is combination scrumptious and electricity, The songs of James Rubino 199530
Beyond the boundaries--the conjurer's guide to death and time & space30
British mystery and thriller writers since 1940, Who's he when he's at home, Textualizing the feminine29
Chamberlain Waxmaster random orbital waxer and polisher [1100 heavy-duty] master mechanic30
Columbus, Ohio, spoon with cardinal (bird) at the top of the handle and map of Ohio in the bowl30
Comenian philosophy and Moravian education from 1850 to the present day, God's acre30
Criticism of the ruler, 1100-1400, in Provencal, Old French, and Middle English verse30
CSU/UC mathematics diagnostic testing project--precalculus diagnostic test (a calculus readiness test)30
Daniel Willard and progressive management on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Henry E. Huntington and the creation of southern California30
Defect and deformation studies in transition metal .., The road to heaven, A Toast to the fur trade28
Defensive tactics development course, 2nd revision--less lethal, intermediate edition30
Demographic, behavioral, and clinical factors associated with syphilis and gonorrhea in a sexually transmitted disease clinic in the Bronx, New York City, 1988-199130
Description, explanation, and illustration on how you can use peg board hooks without the need of peg board part 230
Detection of deception and diagnostic accuracy on the Millon clinical .., A Call to praise the Lord25
Developing and equipping a conflict mediation team for the Northwest Geogrgia Baptist Association30
Drug courts in theory and in practice, Images of issues, Court-ordered insanity30
Employment and childbearing decisions of mothers of young children, The Lennon companion20
Enduring voices--document sets to accompany The enduring vision, a history of the American people, third editiion, vol. 1-2, by Paul S. Boyer, Clifford E. Clark, Jr., Joseph F. Kett ... [et al.]30
Factors that influence executive decision makers in medium size .., Alfred, Lord Tennyson29
Fast track mediation and arbitration program for home inspection disputes, Causality and narrative in French fiction from Zola to Robbe-Grillet29
Filthy tabloids, & 8 other songs, Timon of Athens, Like you do27
Foundations of neural networks, fuzzy systems, and knowledge engineering, Humans and other animals30
Fresh essays by Virginia Woolf, To the lighthouse, Mrs. Dalloway26
From The Plant. By Vassilis Vassilikos, translation by Edmund Keeley & Mary Keeley30
Functional approaches to language, culture, and cognition, Cross-examination in debate25
Gambler's digest. By Digest Books, employer for hire of Clement McQuaid, Time and reality: studies in contemporary fiction. By Margaret Church25
George Sand and the nineteenth-century Russian love-triangle novels, The tested woman plot30
Getting around in Paris, quick and easy sightseeing by metro30
Gods--trully Teddy love--the world's loneliest, most loving heavenly Teddy bear, No other name28
Happy country birthday, darlin', Harry's bar, Harry the hare28
Indigo bunting with apple blossoms, A Guide to the mammals of Ohio, Wings of encouragement30
Information guide for general purpose industrial AC small and medium squirrel-cage induction motor standards30
Instructor's manual to accompany Consumer behavior, ninth edition [by] Roger D. Blackwell, Paul W. Miniard, James F. Engel part 230
International glossary of social gerontology = Glosario internacional de gerontologia social = Glossaire international de gerontologie sociale = Internationales woerterverzeichnis fuer sozialgerontologie part 230
Into the minds by B-Nimble and the Boys, More in my life, Code green demo17
Introducing the New Jersey oddvark and the rapidly growing family of weird and silly oddvarkian creatures30
Journal of contemporary ethnography, Journal of planning literature, Economic development quarterly17
Jurisprudence and statecraft: the Wisconsin Development Authority and its implications. By Samuel Mermin30
Justifiable homicides by civilians in the United States, 1976-1990, Hero for the world30
Knee deep in Montana's trout streams, Facets, Untitled saga 230
Leader behavior description questionnaire. Form 12. By Ralph M. Stogdill, originated by staff members of the Ohio State Leadership Studies & rev. by the Bureau of Business Research19
Literary history of the United States; history. By various contributors, ch. 83: Ihab Hassan, bibliography: Richard M. Ludwig25
Lloyds Bank California multiple employer employee's welfare benefit plan and associated trusts part 230
Margaret S. Mahler's separation-individuation phase of early childhood development . part 230
Metaphysics and morals in Marius Victorinus' commentary on the letter to the Ephesians30
News of the Plains and Rockies, 1803-1865, Logic and ontology in Heidegger, The Turning wheel30
Night thoughts ; Warm up the night ; Chester Towne ... [et al.], Ba ban, Shady Grove26
Office systems decision manual to accompany Administrative office management, the electronic office by Eleanor Hollis Tedesco and Robert B. Mitchell part 330
Organic semi conductors; proceedings of an inter-industry conference. By James J. Brophy, John W. Buttrey30
Personae and the clinical treatment of identity diffusion, Eisenhower & Lutz, Mary30
Practical exercises for men in recovery of same-sex attraction (SSA), Before reading25
Predicting suicide risk at a rural juvenile correctional facility, The *Removed*-sex connection30
Prostitution in dentistry? (how to stop managed care madness with an easy monitoring system)30
Regulation of transcription in cells infected with bacteriophage BF23 by modification of host RNA polymerase with a phage-specified protein GPA325
Resource depression and intensification during the Late Holocene, San Francisco Bay30
Ross Harrison's crucial experiment as a foundation for modern American experimental .30
Samuel Beckett's ephectic style and the emotional footing of his callous rat30
Seismic demands for nondeteriorating frame structures and their dependence on ground motions30
Selected writings of John of the Cross, William Law, Desert Mothers & Fathers, John Woolman, Catherine of Siena30
She's nowhere in sight, & 1 other song, Acid indigestion biokit, Human senses27
Shifting gears in a dynamic environment, New world, new Earth, Electronic hearth25
Songs for musical play, Even invisible roads lead to heaven, Music for commercial demonstration tape, 198127
Spatial choice and spatial behavior: geographic essays on the analysis of preference and perception22
Study guide to accompany Development through life, a psychosocial approach, fifth edition part 229
Study guide to accompany Nash/Jeffrey/Howe/Frederick/Davis/Winkler The American people--creating a nation and a society, vol. one,to 187730
Success beyond prediction; the decline of democracy and the rise of the corrupt police state part 230
The Aged person and the nursing process, third edition [by] Ann Gera Yurick, Barbara Elliott Spier, Suzanne S. Robb, Nancy J. Ebert30
The British Conservative Party in the age of universal suffrage, Misreading Jane Eyre30
The Creation and validation of model behavioral performance objectives to develop interns' technical communication competencies part 230
The discipline of prayer for spiritual maturity, church growth and general blessings in the Cathedral church30
The Evolution of political protest and the Workingmen's Party of California, "Do'en dee dance"30
The Evolution of political protest and the Workingmen's Party of California, Poetic madness and the romantic imagination30
The Evolution of political protest and the Workingmen's Party of California, This strange joy30
The Frequency of intercity bus transportation to intermediate service points .., Works of Article 929
The Impact of parental views of the nature of humankind upon .., Varcity collection30
The importance of being earnest, Oscar Wilde, authoritative text, backgrounds, criticism30
The Letters from the Lockwood family in England, 1853-1864 ; The Cousins in America and England, 1862-1900 ; The Descendants in America and England, 190030
The little flowers of St. Francis of Assisi, Pilgrim souls, Meet the Austins25
The Melodic and polyrhythmic development of John Coltrane's .., You are the dancer, I am the music30
The New worklife expectancy tables for disabled and nondisabled persons by sex and level of educational attainment29
The Noble stallion; the love story of two people and a great horse. By Arthur-Heinz Lehmann, translation: James Cleugh & Marika Cleugh30
The Odyssey, a modern sequel. Greek: Nikos Kazantzakis, translation: Kimon Friar29
The Ozarks Jawg 'n-'Block youngan 'n' bigan family fun 'n' fitness workout game, Yogi Bear30
The Presence of alexithymia, somatic symptoms, and psychological traits in adult children of alcoholics30
The process of school-based decision-making in selected Kentucky high school operating with mandated SBDM councils part 230
The relationship between Myers-Briggs Type profiles and key factors that affect academic program completion30
The relationship of a freshman orientation course to minority and non-minority retention at a large urban university30
The Retrieval of atmospheric constituent mixing-ratio profiles from .., The image30
The Rise of the American electrochemicals industry, 1880-1910, Biographical dictionary of American business leaders30
The Triumph of modern chivalry over the iron crown30
To determine the importance of activities in physical education curriculum guides as perceived by professional physical educators in selected school districts in Western Pennsylvania part 330
Transparency masters to accompany Politics in America, the ability to govern, second edition26
Using satellite telemetry to determine seasonal movement and weather influence on flight altitude of Turkey vultures to reduce strike hazards to military aircraft30
Using satellite telemetry to determine seasonal movement and weather influence on flight altitude of Turkey vultures to reduce strike hazards to military aircraft part 230
Using the divine proportion (phi) to map the Fullerenes and build hyper-efficient 3-D structures30
We don't do that anymore ; Sara's not sober ; Get out of that town ... [et al.], Expozure music of 1981 & 198230
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