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Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. Board of Regents documents
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A history of the Oklahoma State University School of Journalism and Broadcasting28
American history supplemental reading lists in chronological order for elementary students (K-2 and 3-6) part 230
Ancestry of Dr. Francis Frederick Brown and Emma Mary Clapp and their descendants part 230
A study of elementary school district superintendents' perceptions of challenges related to the implementation of networked educational technology and Internet access for elementary schools30
Building construction for the fire service; book. By Francis L. Brannigan. 3rd ed30
CE AS SYS review and evaluation of automatic sprinkler system plans and designs, Basic principles of automatic fire sprinkler protection27
Collection of musique by Chrystopher Smith and Ben Jacobson, Career maturity and the use of disability support services27
Community education and its relationship to community college non-degree programs27
Computer program for troubleshooting your R C A color television, English grammar digest30
Concurrent validation of the Kaufman adolescent and adult intelligence test with an elderly population30
Curriculum instructor's guide for the first edition of Pumping apparatus driver/operator handbook30
Early childhood curriculum development and its relationship to addressing alcoholism and chemical dependency27
Effects of discipline-based art education and interdisciplinary art education on artistic development and production, higher-level thinking, and attitudes toward science and social studies30
Elementary astronomy. By Otto Struve, Beverly T. Lynds, and Helen Pillans, AGED 4713 course guide30
Engineering economy, eighth edition [by] E. Paul DeGarmo, William G. Sullivan, James A. Bontadelli part 230
Genealogical research for membership in National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution30
Human development and personal destiny, the genesis of intelligence and communication in man30
Human learning, studies extending conditioning principles complex behavior, Educational psychology29
Instructor's guide for The Carbusters video extrication series, Principles of extrication30
Introduction to literature, suggestions for teachers of26
North American Indian folk music elements in the "Red Indian fantasy" of Busoni, with three recitals of selected works by Beethoven, Brahms, Debussy, Liszt, Moussorgsky, and others30
Pearl, Personalized assistance during the reaction to loss for widows and widowers30
Science education and biological research in ecology with applications to secondary school science education25
Self-contained appraisal report--A&B Hop Farms, Inc.--agricultural properties Grant County, Benton County and Walla Walla County, Washington. By Tim Vining Real Estate Appraiser and Consultant, Inc26
Self-instruction with learning objectives and programmed units for I F S T A 200, Essentials of fire fighting30
Self-instruction with learning objectives and programmed units for I F S T A 200, Essentials of fire fighting part 230
Student applications for the first edition of Industrial fire brigade training, incipient level30
The Warren-Barnhart debate on Christian ethics versus utilitarian (psychological hedonistic) ethics30
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