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Southern Illinois University. Board of Trustees documents
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28th AIPR workshop--3D visualization for data exploration and decision making, The violent social world of black men30
A Comparison of values clarification and lecture methods in teaching health at the college level30
A computer-assisted statistical investigation of selected variables in the solo guitar studies of Fernando Sor30
ADE bulletin: a journal for administrators of departments of English in American and Canadian colleges and universities. No. 54, Sept. 197730
A descriptive study of number sense and related misconceptions about selected rational number concepts exhibited by prospective elementary teachers27
A descriptive study of teachers' perceptions of the implementation of quality management principles in selected Pennsylvania blue ribbon school districts30
A Dialogical interpretation of interpersonal conflict viewed from the nonviolent peace-making .30
A historical perspective of undergraduate recruitment at Tennessee State University and the impact of marketing on enrollment from 1989-199930
AMBAC insurance servicing and paying agency agreement among A M B A C Indemnity Corporation, and American Municipal Bond Investors Service Company, and J. Henry Schroder Bank and Trust Company30
An analysis of computer use-non-use by top-level executives with or without intermediaries in select firms with packaged executive information systems (EIS)29
An analysis of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s letter from Birmingham Jail, The philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer30
An analysis of serial technique in Webern's Cantatata number two and Stravinsky's "Canticum sacrum" with implications for performance part 430
Animal rights/human rights: entanglements of oppression and liberation. TX 5-539-784 (2002)30
An Introductory essay to Saint Photios' Mystagogy and Saint Photios' Mystagogy, The New politicians of fifth century Athens25
An Investigation of the treatment effectiveness of a self-help manual .., Cover up28
Aquatic and standing water plants of the Central Midwest filicineae, gymnospermae, and other monocots, excluding cyperaceae ferns, conifers, and other monocots, excluding sedges26
Are we so far apart (we can't talk anymore), and 1 other selection. Words, music & recording: Butch Ingram, 194828
Army life of an Illinois soldier, including a day-by-day record of Sherman's march to the sea part 230
A study of the impact of Hurricane Andrew on the property insurance marketplace in the United States30
A transcendental phenomenological study of banking executives' ethical perceptions30
Back to punchin' cattle again, & 9 other song lyrics, A Dream at the end of the day30
Benefits optimization for automated hospital information systems, A Season of delight30
Birds and men; American birds in science, art, literature, and conservation, 1800-1900. By Robert Henry Welker30
Bone eclipse and other lyrical anomalies revisited, Inside the box, Sawing a woman in half30
Business/education organizations--roles and opportunities to work together, The Bigelow family genealogy30
Classical learning and Taoist practices in early Japan with a translation of books XVI and XX of the Engi-shiki30
Communications skill builder applications, 5 1/4" diskette for use with Apple personal computers part 230
Confederate States catalog and handbook of the postage stamp and envelopes by the Confederate States of America part 230
Confessional poetry and constitutional privacy--paradoxes of self-disclosure in Cold War America29
Contributions to the archaeology and ethnohistory of Greater Mesoamerica, OBelisk II22
Desorption equilibrium and kinetics of chlorinated solvents on model solids, aquifer sediments, and soil30
Development of a model of facilitation for case studies education in health professions25
Diagnostic analysis of turbulent boundary layer data by trivariate Lagrangian partitioning methods30
Did it matter that I ever was? = Heeft het wel zin gehad?, The Selected letters of Mark VanDoren25
Early 18th century French-Indian culture contact in the Yazoo Bluffs region .., Mississippian village textiles at Wickliffe30
Fifty years of coal mining progress, 1933-1983. By James T. Jones, 1915-; edited by Florence B. Jones30
Financial and accounting guide for not-for-profit organizations, Bottom of the ninth30
Form, genre, and the study of political discourse, Rhetoric in the human sciences25
Getting ahead: the Beveridge system for career advancement. By Nightingale-Conant Corporation30
Glimpses into the lives and times of the Confederate soldiers known to be buried in City Cemetery, Winchester, Tennessee30
Historic designs and patterns in color from Arabic and Italian sources, Old-fashioned all-occasion postcards30
Hydroxyurea and sulfasalazine in sequential (rotational) therapy for psoriasis, The Boston Red Sox30
Improvement of special needs students on the mathematics Massachusetts comprehensive assessment system (MCAS)30
Instructional pamphlet for profit and savings using Mortgage interest (reduction) notes MIN's30
Instructor's manual for Legal research exercises, fourth edition (1992) to accompany Cohen, Berring and Olson's How to find the law (9th ed.) and Finding the law part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany From community to college--reading and writing across diverse contexts30
Instructor's manual to accompany The Contemporary writer, a practical rhetoric, second edition25
Integrating spatial and hierarchical approaches to the study of the population turnaround phenomenon30
International handbook of contemporary developments in criminology, Crime, correction, and society30
Interorganizational arrangements between intermediate units and high .., The Longest cave30
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, God did, Case of the missing Christmas30
John Dewey's personal and professional library, John Dewey, John Dewey, the middle works, 1899-192425
Kathinka Zitz-Halein and female civic activism in mid-nineteenth-century German, Creative ventures25
Kenneth Burke's dramatistic pentad and models of educational outreach for youth in arts and cultural institutions22
Laughter wasn't rationed (remembering the war years in Germany) TXu 809-081 (1999)30
Mount Saint Helens ash cloud, May 18, 1980, looking east from 13 miles north of mountain, 6 minutes ... 28 millimeters part 530
Muntu; an outline of neo-African culture. By Janheinz Jahn, English translation: Marjorie Grene30
Observed family interactions of agrressive, depressed, and low-risk inner-city boys30
On the ecology of ectomycorrhizal networks between overstorey trees and seedlings in a New England forest stand28
Organ and tissue donation community outreach program for clergy, counselors, coordinators, technicians and volunteers29
Organizational culture and job satisfaction as antecedents for empowerment of associate degree nursing faculty30
Perceptions of partner violence among a sample of self-identified Puerto Rican and non-Hispanic white men and women in Cuyahoga County, Ohio30
Personal educative dossier prefaced by the essay "on being an American scholar--one man's educational odyssey" part 230
Phase II protocol transmyocardial revascularization (TMR) using the Heart Laser CO2 Laser System. By PLC Medical Systems, Inc. & Charles Rose part 330
Physiologus Theobaldi Episcopi de naturis duodecim animalium. By Bishop Theobald, translation: Willis Barnstone30
Prayer book for earnest Christians = Die ernsthafte Christenpflicht, Mirror, The Last Jews in Berlin30
Proceedings of the Heartworm Symposium '86, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 21-23, 1986 part 430
Professional academic writing in the humanities and social sciences, Puzzlers, Numblers30
Proposal for a second edition of Social and cognitive treatment of children and adolescents by Richard P. Barth part 229
Regardless of whom I meet or what I do or what I have become it is the friends I grew up with that I feel closest to and that I have the most in common with30
Remembering Hon. Mother Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights activists part 230
Reminiscence functions, death anxiety, and the achievement of ego integrity among aging Holocaust survivors30
Roman bronze Mars Quirinus (war Romulus) chariot statue and Anatolian (Trojan?) tanged javelin head with Roman cos stamp30
Rural Free Delivery 100th Anniversary, From outrage to action, RHB songs of 200427
Selected poems of L. L. Newton, Jr., including "Attack on America." part 330
Selected short stories of Sinclair Lewis, Arrowsmith, Free air30
Selective utilization of ectopic epidermal growth factor receptor signaling in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer cells part 230
Self-perceived human and social service needs of Hampshire County .., The little PC book30
Senior Living Communities marketing tracking system "for sale community" computer program and user manual30
Shakespeare's language; a multimedia tutorial. Authors of the software, Randal F. Robinson, 1936-, and Peter Wehr, 1936-; author of the document, Randal Robinson part 330
Silicon in organic, oganometallic, and polymer chemistry, Cobalt blue, Cobalt blue glass28
Sing Records presents If I couldn't write a song, Celebrate the Lord of love, Sing forth the name30
Social studies content for the elementary school teacher, For the sake of it all29
Speech recognition for the health professions, Doing it right this time around, Justified lives30
Surface mining, environmental monitoring, and reclamation handbook, Ghosts were scared of me30
Teaching writing through differentiated instruction with leveled graphic organizers30
Test bank volume 2, chapter 12-21 to accompany Financial and managerial accounting information for decisions [by] John Wild, Kermit Larson30
The Alderson story; my life as a political prisoner. By Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Whose gifts? whose equality?28
The archaeology and history of Horseshoe Lake, Alexander County, Illinois, Airbus23
The archaeology and history of Horseshoe Lake, Alexander County, Illinois, Christian origins and the language of the kingdom of God30
The archaeology and history of Horseshoe Lake, Alexander County, Illinois, Water drops from women writers30
The boundaries of American political culture in the Civil War era, The Lincoln image30
The Congressman who got away with murder, The Man who tried to burn New York, Con brio24
The conquest of the Karankawas and the Tonkawas30
The Constitution of Belgium and the Belgian civil code (as amended to September 1, 1982, in the Moniteur Belge)30
The Creative process as a vehicle for personal growth, a small-group experience for women part 226
The Development and validation of the informal reading readiness inventory, Step Up Club log book30
The direct cinema of David and Albert Maysles, The life of Helen Stephens, The Pilot light and the gas house gang22
The Dog who thought he was a boy. By Cora Annett, illustrated by Walter Lorraine29
The history of the Haverstock Tent Show, "the show with a million friends", Stagecoach and tavern tales of the old Northwest30
The history, taxonomy and ecology of the Bonobo (Pan Paniscus Schwarz, 1929) with a first description of a wild population living in a forest/savanna mosaic habitat part 330
The imagery of Soviet foreign policy and the collapse of the Russian Empire, Where is this stupendous stranger?25
The influence of distributive justice, procedural justice, and employee knowledge of the compensation system on compensation system acceptance, turnover intentions, and job performance part 230
The Madwoman in the attic: the woman writer and the nineteenth-century literary imagination30
The New York times book of sports legends, Pro baseball fact book, 1977-78, Pro football '7826
The no. 1 rule is to have fun, and other thoughts on living, Mister Inbetween, Foothold on a hillside25
The Question of apostasy in Southern Baptist thought since 1900, a critical evaluation30
The Relation of teacher job satisfaction to participation in the .., You be the jury30
The Role of the British press in the 1976 American presidential election, Working with single adults in Sunday school30
The Science of linguistics in the art of translation ; some tools from linguistics for the analysis and practice of translation part 330
The whole-school Montessori handbook for teachers and administrators, France overseas30
Treaty trip; an abridgment of Dr. Claude B. Lewis's journal of an expedition made by himself and his brother, Sinclair Lewis, to northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba in 1924. By Donald Greene &George Knox30
UFO sightings at ICBM sites and nuclear weapons storage areas, A Penny's worth of minced ham26
Vedanta and the west. No. 161: An Approach to Vedanta. By Christopher Isherwood30
Visions and revisions perspectives on Louisiana society and culture, Paths of our children30
Vital statistics on senior professional legislative staff of the United States Senate30
Ware lecture given by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., to Unitarian-Universalist Association, Rochester, N. Y., on June 26, 1986 part 230
Writing in the workplace. TX 5-017-817, The employment partnership, Physics 226
Xplora pocket traveler--Germany, Germany30
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