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Accessibility and effectiveness of home- and community-based long-term care services used by Latino elderly30
A Comparative analysis of court orders against California .., Criminal violence, criminal justice30
A Computer program for computing dimensions & clusters of the Brazelton neonatal behavioral assessment scale part 327
Activities for beginning and intermediate algebra, second edition, First choice love30
Africa: the politics of independence; an interpretation of modern African history. By Immanuel Wallerstein30
Airline maintenance resource management, Feedback, How to decide26
Analysis of queueing networks using decomposition, Shine, Hot, wet, and ready28
Analysis of site-directed mutants to investigate ezrin's conformational regulation and in vivo function29
Analysis of stage-discharge relations for open-channel flows and their associated uncertainties30
An enigmatic mathematical interpretation of our past and future, Rock formations30
An evaulation of the DARE program in Minnesota, Paying the price, Now what do I do for fun?25
An inquiry into the law of negro slavery in the United States of America, An Imperfect union25
A normative study of non-impaired population using the cognitive functioning evaluation for traumatic head-injured, stroke and other neurologically impaired adults30
A study of the perceptions of the faculty and parents of special needs children in a private school with contracted managed instructional services29
A Study of the relationship between the organizational structure of schools, the role orientation . part 230
A study of the variation among Missouri high schools athletic directors relative to their awareness of NCAA's proposition 48 and their efforts to help student-athletes meet its standards part 229
Bad faith, good faith, and authenticity in Sartre's early philosophy, The suburban racial dilemma30
Belief system mapping as a diagnostic tool in logic-based rational-emotive therapy25
Cahier d'exercises/manuel de laboratoire pour accompagner Dialogues et situations part 224
Calico brush. By Rachel Field, original wood engravings: Allen Lewis, author of renewable matter: Macmillan Company29
Collins-Robert concise French-English, English-French dictionary = Robert-Collins junior dictionnaire Francais-Anglais, Anglais-Francais30
Common sense planning workshop for college-bound students and their parents30
Computer assisted qualitative analysis for beginning chemistry students, Walking in your sleep30
Current attitudes among active participants in North American drum and bugle corps about drum and bugle corps part 330
Diaspora and Zionism in Jewish American literature, The tribal basis of American life30
Effects on social support and coping responses on reproductive healthcare practices among women with multiple sclerosis part 230
Elie Wiesel & 1446 other titles; books. (Part 005 of 008), Elie Wiesel25
Empirical tests of models for valuation of pass-through mortgage-backed securities30
Error frequencies of student-examiners on WISC-III administrations, Imagining America30
Essays on asymmetric information and financial market .., Chamber 36, Communication strategy, a guide to speech preparation30
Family ties of Broyles and related families, Family ties30
Fetal monitoring and fetal assessment in high risk pregnancy, Gabrielle's snowman30
Guides to the use of the Code of Federal regulations, title, reel and bibliographic, 1939-197624
Health and fitness group course of study, Modern Mexico City, Tim Harding I26
I don't sleep with strangers, Hey, love, Too much, much too soon29
Inheritance of morphological characters of pickerelweed (Pontederia cordata L.), Inheritance29
Injection solid freeforming of polymer and ceramic composite materials, Welfare effects of trade restrictions30
In my wooden shoes. From Four French folk songs. By Jan Meyerowitz & Edward B. Marks Music Corporation (employer for hire of Harold Heiberg)30
Invaders from space, alternate end, Dark continent, Power impact30
Judeo-Christian for mnemonics for memorizing the sixty-six books of the Bible, Los Ausentes Siempre presentes25
Miriam Holden--in remembrance and friendship, Women of the Republic, Toward an intellectual history of women25
Montana Office of the Court Administrator and the Montana Juvenile Probation Officers Association on-site technical assistance report29
Multiple modernities--cinemas and popular media in transcultural East Asia. By Jenny Kwok Won Lau30
Multiple modernities--cinemas and popular media in transcultural East Asia. By Jenny Kwok Won Lau part 330
Multiple modernities--cinemas and popular media in transcultural East Asia. By Jenny Kwok Won Lau part 430
One book, two booklets, one manuscript, one publisher's letter and two documents30
Perspectives among mental health providers regarding rehospitalization of the chronically mentally ill part 230
Philadelphia County, PA, Cole cross reference directory and vicinity numerical telephone directory, 2001 part 530
Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation homeowner maintenance manual 200230
Production of recombinant selenomethionyl proteins in Escherichia coli can lead to direct phasing for three-dimensional structure determination by X-ray crystallography part 228
Promoting adolescent health and wellbeing through school-linked, multi-service, family-oriented programs30
Ronald Reagan and the triumph of American conservatism, It's good to be alive, Solid roots27
Running scared--why America's politicians campaign too much and govern too little28
Search Engine Workshops presents The Totally Non-Technical Guide to having a successful Web site for Realtors part 230
Substance abuse treatment for court-referred individuals using cognitive-behavioral methods with a relapse prevention focus part 528
Synthesis and characterization of hybrid organic-inorganic silicate and siliconate materials30
Talking it over, and other contributions, Dear Socks, dear Buddy, The President's health security plan27
The Cardinal Mindszenty store [i.e. story]--trial by treason26
The Case Of The Big Scare Mountain Mystery, Going strong, Nostalgia30
The characteristics of the African epic hero as a reflection of the kemetic tradition30
The Drinking levels and patterns of students at a state university and their social-psychological correlates30
The effects of a corporate adventure training experience on group dynamics and individual self-actualization of middle-management professionals30
The effects of a spelling word study strategy on the spelling performance of high school students with learning disabilities27
The Effects of censorship and need for uniqueness on the valuation of messages, Honey, honey (can't you see?)30
The Morris Township School Number 2, a country schoolhouse apppearing on a 30-cent stamp & 3 other titles; vignettes30
The Philippine-American case for marriage growth, Redundancia, Cultural Detective series facilitator guide30
The poetics of attention as an emerging religious stance in recent American poetry29
The relationship of social support, optimism, and sense of control to post-heart transplant success part 230
The Role expectations of the psychiatric liaison nurse consultant in a teaching hospital as perceived by non-psychiatric registered nurses and non-psychiatric medical house staff part 230
The Self as agent; being the Gifford Lectures delivered in the University of Glasgow in 1953. By John Macmurray30
The spirits and my experiences the soul & the devils at the time of death, The murder club30
The struggle for total freedom for the black man in these United States of America still continues30
Understanding the New Right and its impact on education, Thirteen questions, Toward a critical politics of teacher thinking30
Variables associated with burnout and turnover intentions among case managers in community mental health24
Vegetarianismo, medicina natural y mantra yoga meditacion, Boogers, The killer bees24
We the people ... do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America part 230
What do published scholars and film critics mean by the term "cinema verite?", Street monsters30
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