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Accounting principles, first edition, two volume practice set30
A comparative study of communication styles as a feature of home style among Black and non-Black United States Representatives25
A comparison of African-American and white male drug addicts in methadone maintenance treatment programs30
Advanced skills for school success module 4 learning from verbal presentations and participating in discussions and teacher guide30
Advertising material and insurance policy for boxholder safe deposit insurance, Advertising30
Answer key to accompany Workbook for The Harper handbook of college composition, fifth edition [by] Harry Shaw part 330
Answer manual for discussion problems and exercises in grammar and usage to accompany Basic technical writing, 5th edition27
Appian Way: computer software for management of the chiropractic office. By Appian Way, Inc part 430
A Scientific approach to understanding Genesis, The Pearl upon the crown, Stuff my mouth with pearls28
A study of African-American female, white-American female, and African-American male perceptions of the variables that influence their tenure as superintendents30
At the sound of the trumpet. By Willie Maiden (William R. Maiden) & Maynard Ferguson30
Audio tapes to accompany Intermediate algebra, second edition, by Vivian Shaw Groza and Gene Sellers30
Beautiful mess & 20 other titles. Composed by Oliver J. Leiber & co-composers as noted30
Business applications software for the I B M PC, alternate edition with V P-planner, dBase III/III Plus, and WordPerfect29
Business mathematics, foruth edition, instructor's manual with tests for, Safety zone30
Call his name Jesus; a Christmas cantata for mixed voices SATB (tenor & bass optional) & children's choir (optional) By Lorenz Publishing Company, employer for hire of James Tillman, pseud. of Frank L. Cross (w) & James Moffatt, pseud. of Robert J. Hughes (m) part 230
Career education for students with mild mental retardation at the junior high level in the Taiwan area part 223
Crisis management plan characteristics in elementary schools as perceived by Nebraska public school principals30
Critical essays on Hawthorne's The Scarlet letter, Boney twelves and seven stubbys II30
Culture and education for the contemporary world, Handbook in corrective reading30
Developing competency in teaching secondary social studies, Creating instruction27
Directions for the multiple-choice program processor and advertising, An Introduction to statistics for psychology & education28
Educators' perceptions of the usefulness of the Individualized Education Planning Committee (IEPC) process in special education in Michigan Public Schools30
Edwin Arlington Robinson: selected early poems and letters. Introd., notes, and compilation: Charles T. Davis30
Effective teaching strategies that accommodate diverse learners, Learning Pascal27
Effects of dry flotation rest, natural environment video presentation, and hypnotizability on recovery from induced stress30
Electric circuits--principles and applications30
Electronic circuits and applications. By Stephen D. Senturia & Bruce D. Wedlock23
Electron spectroscopy of SR 5PNS J = 1 odd parity autoionizing series, The newly revised and unabridged national tennis rating program27
Elementary mathematics, patterns and structure, grade 2 (revised) By Frances Flournoy & Eugene D. Nichols30
Elements of dental materials for dental hygienists and assistants. By Ralph W. Phillips & Eugene W. Skinner30
Environmental studies: Earth as a living planet, Forest succession: concepts and applications28
Essentials of solid geometry, including spherical geometry. By A. M. Welchons, W. R. Krickenberger & Helen R. Pearson (Helen R. Pearson Parks)30
Experiments in electric circuits to accompany Floyd, Principles of electric circuits, fourth edition and Electronic circuits27
Feelin' all blue ; The sun is my love ; Home in the sky ... [et al.], Soma Street30
Foreign policy and the American spirit; essays. By Dexter Perkins, editors: Glyndon G. VanDeusen & Richard C. Wade30
Foundations of Christian faith: an introduction to the idea of Christianity30
General chemistry, second edition, and General chemistry with qualitative analysis, second edition, solutions manual part 230
Gifts, requirements, opportunities, punishments (what does it mean to be a Christian?) part 230
Gitchy, gitchy, goo. w & m Edward B. Tomlinson 2nd, Robert T. Lake, Robert Allan Foster, Jr., Kenneth E. Pugh & Raymond L. Windt, Jr. (the Galaxies)27
Hello again. Music: Elliot Lawrence Broza a.k.a. Elliot Lawrence, lyrics: Bix Reichner (Samuel Bickley Reichner)27
History and life--the world and its people, 3rd edition, [by] T. Walter Wallbank, Arnold Schrier, Donna Maier, Patricia Gutierrez-Smith30
Hit parade of true flying stories. Edited by Dick Robinson, author of renewable matter: James H. Winchester30
How does work create meaning and significance in the lives of nine, older, working-class African American men employed in the automotive and steel industries during the 1990s?30
Identify and build your competitive advantage at the world's largest exposition of products for home center retailers and wholesalers30
Illinois supplement to accompany Ficek, Henderson, and Johnson's Real estate principles and practices, 3rd edition26
Information systems--test methods for media characteristics--130-mm, rewritable optical disk data storage cartridges qith continuous composite servo (CCS)30
Instructional supervision training program, Doctor Yes, Sunday's child30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany the 4th edition of Applied pharmacology for the dental hygienist30
Instructor's manual to accompany Characteristics of children's behavior disorders, by James M. Kauffman30
Instructor's manual to accompany Douglas R. Glasnapp's and John P. Poggio's Essentials of statistical analysis for the behavioral sciences30
Instructor's manual to accompany Douglas R. Glasnapp's and John P. Poggio's Essentials of statistical analysis for the behavioral sciences part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany Douglas R. Glasnapp's and John P. Poggio's Essentials of statistical analysis for the behavioral sciences part 325
Instructor's manual to accompany Mainstreaming, a practical approach for teachers, [by] Judy W. Wood part 225
Instructor's manual to accompany Robert M. Wilson and Craig J. Cleland's Diagnostic and remedial reading for classroom and clinic, fifth edition30
Instructor's manual to accompany Robert M. Wilson and Craig J. Cleland's Diagnostic and remedial reading for classroom and clinic, fifth edition part 530
Instructor's manual to accompany Science and society, a source book for elementary and junior high school teachers, [by] Rita Peterson, Jane Bowyer, David Butts, Roger Bybee30
Instructor's manual to accompany Teaching special students in the mainstream, second edition [by] Rena B. Lewis and Donald H. Doorlag30
Instructor's manual to accompany Young children with special needs, second edition [by] Nancy H. Fallen & Warren Umansky30
Instructor's manual with test bank, Algebra for college students [by] Robert F. Blitzer, Jack C. Gill30
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany World regional geography [by] Robert E. Norris30
Intermediate algebra, second edition, instructor's manual and test bank for part 330
Interpreting the New Testament: an introduction to the principles and methods of N.T. exegesis. By Hans Conzelmann & Andreas Lindemann30
Introduction to environmental studies, second edition, instructor's manual to accompany30
Introduction to physiological psychology: information processing in the nervous system30
Introductory oceanography, eighth edition [by] Harold V. Thurman, Essentials of oceanography, fifth edition [by] Harold V. Thurman30
Just surrender & 12 other titles. Written by Dan Simons, Jason Maffucci, Andrew Meunier & Steve Miller part 230
Language materials/curriculum management for handicapped learner, Philosophical foundations of education30
Language materials/curriculum management for handicapped learner, Phonics in proper perspective30
Macbeth. By William Shakespeare, with an introd. by Harry Levin, suggestions for reading and discussion by John R. Searles, G. Blakemore Evans30
Machine design, vol. 59, no. 20, Sept. 198730
Managerial accounting: an introduction to concepts, methods, and uses second edition, instructor's resource manual part 330
Mathematics for technologists in radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy part 230
Melodies for Gayla and other originals, spring 1994, Understanding American government30
Music, saddles and flapjacks: dudes at the O T O Ranch, So long, cowboys of the open range25
Online creation ; Isles OLC ; ILAB OLC ; NIMUD OLC, et al, Three friends, Leaf change30
Parent involvement in schools, the intergenerational transfer of occupational and economic success, and the grouping of students30
Peepers; a sample television script. By David Swift, Mister Peepers, Ideology and change in the public schools30
Perceptions of administrative tasks and professional development needs by chairpersons of academic departments30
Perspectives in exercise science and sports medicine: volume 4 ergogenics: engancement of performance in exercise and sport part 430
Physical science with environmental and other practical applications, second edition, instructor's manual to accompany part 330
Players' choice great tales of the Gridiron. No. 1535. By Western Publishing Company, Inc., employer for hire of Ken Shields, Dave Robinson, Howard Mudd, Gale Sayers, Charley Gogolak of the NFL players30
Private school management system, Attention, Show me where love is29
Production and operations management, second edition, instructor's resource manual with transparency masters t/a part 230
Production techniques for instructional graphic materials: a multimedia program, General computer science30
Regulation of acetate kinase from Veillonella alcalescens, Fall 1993 Trans ocean collection30
Religion in modern life. By George G. Hackman, Charles W. Kegley & Viljo K. Nikander23
Salary and occupation by gender among community college .., Loves torments, Criticism of oral rhetoric30
Scottsdale plan codebook for parents, teachers & students, Parent and child in fiction27
Semiconductor devices/instructor's guide & answer key30
She brought life back to the dead. w & m Diamond Record Company, Inc., employer for hire of Sonny Boy, pseud. of Willie Williamson30
Social studies and national development in Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe part 230
Solutions manual to accompany Principles of electric circuits, third edition, Principles of electric circuits25
Sounds of the morning. w Mary B. Harris, m Leliah V. Cordukes, m & arr. Eddy L. Manson30
Special education self-instructional manual for regular classroom teachers, the visually impaired child .30
Storyteller w/John Stowell, Paul McCandless, etc, Storyteller25
Student study guide to accompany Understanding intermediate algebra, by Robert G. Moon and Gus Klentos29
Supplement to Cases and materials on European community law (including European Union materials) part 230
Test bank to accompany Financial accounting, fourth edition [by] K. Fred Skousen, Harold Q. Langenderfer, W. Steve Albrecht26
The atmosphere, seventh edition [by] Frederick K. Lutgens, Edward J. Tarbuck, Test bank to accompany The Earth27
The Bedas--a chronicle of the Bdeian, Bedayan, Bedayn, Bedeian, Bedeyan, Bideyan, and Lavashian family30
The Development of language and literacy in young children, Teaching at a distance30
The Garden, Crash, The Penguin30
The Interactive effects of client and helper expectations as .., Business computers30
The leader to the Jasper: an adventure, through the esoteric, in quest of the tree of life part 230
The Scott, Foresman spelling placement test for Spelling--words and skills, Spelling, words and skills30
The Use of Christian meditation in Moncrief Army Hospital with persons .., Doubt, shame, and the Maya self30
Trade secrets, restrictive covenants & other safeguards for protecting business information part 230
Truth and meaning in political science, an introduction to political inquiry, Arizona field guide30
Understanding basic calculus with applications from the managerial, social, and life sciences part 430
Walking at night. Translation by Augustus D. Zanzig, arr. for SSAATTBB with tenor solo: Robert D. Fisher30
Walt Disney's King of the grizzlies. No. 7775. Adapted by Albert G. Miller, author of renewable matter: Walt Disney Productions part 230
You say you've made the right decision (but for all wrong reasons), A Scottish rhapsody29
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