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Captain Pantoja and the special service, The Cubs and other stories, La Tia Julia y el escribidor29
Complex/archetype/symbol in the psychology of C. G. Jung. By Jolande Jacobi, translator: Princeton University Press, as employer for hire of Ralph Manheim30
Differential validity and prediction of academic success of .., Who wants disarmament? By Richard J. Barnet & Chester Bowles20
Discours de reception de Madame Marguerite Yourcenar a l'Academie francaise et reponse de Monsieur Jean d'Ormesson26
Fragments d'un discours amoureux, Tricks, Image-music-text28
Free, orderly, inconsolable--Heinrich Boll on the occasion of his 75th birthday ; Hans Mayer--a German on contradiction30
Ghost beside my bed & 14 other titles, The waking dream, Made of gasoline25
Goodbye, Columbus and five short stories, Deception, The Counterlife27
Henri Cartier-Bresson--Mexican notebooks, 1934-1964, Here by your side(Faith), Elohim's culture30
Instructor's manual to accompany Introduction to stochastic models in operations research [by] Frederick S. Hillier, Gerald J. Lieberman30
It could always be worse [by] Margot Zemach, Awake and dreaming, Salt25
La Pensee captive; essai sur les logocraties populaires. De Czeslaw Milosz, translation: Andre Prudhommeaux30
Lecture in inauguration of the Chair of Literary Semiology, College de France, Happier ways to enjoy your new sexuality30
Literary language & its public in late Latin antiquity and in the Middle Ages, The Weight of the world30
Na warte, sagte Schwarte. By Helme Heine & Roman Ritter, Das Schoenste Ei der Welt27
Nebula awards 20, S F W A's choice for the best in science fiction and fantasy 1984 & 3 other titles30
Nick Riff Freak element + four, The Chase, 13 songs27
No laurels for DeGaulle. By Robert Mengin, translated by Jay Allen, translation & adaptation: Farrar Straus & Giroux30
Rules as sanctioned by the Association of Ring-O Players of America, The Bacchae of Euripides30
Saltimbanco, Delirium, La Nouba26
Silence among the weapons, some events at the time of the failure of a republic, Big Anthony and the magic ring30
The 10:30 from Marseille. By Sebastien Japrisot, translation: Francis Price, One deadly summer30
The appointment of untenured department chairs in two-and four-year colleges in a western state30
The Aztecs; the history of the Indies of New Spain. By Fray Diego Duran, translation, editing & introd.: Orion Press, Inc28
The Butterfly (LaFarfaletta) By Tito Schipa & Lawrence Lipton30
The campaign to Appomattox. By Eastern National Park & Monument Association30
The carpet of Solomon, a Hebrew legend. Text: Sulamith Ish-Kishor, ill.: Uri Shulevitz30
The catspring somersault flying one-handed flip-flop, Daisy 1 2 3, Kitten red yellow blue30
[The Civil War, a narrative from Fredericksburg to Meridian, September, September30
The Death of Artemio Cruz. By Carlos Fuentes, translated from Spanish by Sam Hileman30
The death of Artemio Cruz. RE 590-816 (1992), Witnesses of time, The crystal frontier24
The memoirs of Fray Servando Teresa DeMier, The Best shod ; A Story about greenery28
The Real life diary of a boomtown girl, Long Island music man, Get into the real life30
The Slave. By Isaac Bashevis Singer, proprietor of copyright in a work made for hire by Cecil Hemley (translator)30
Twelve years after the marriage she tries to explain how she loves him now, Interrogating Eichmann30
We came to help. By Monika Schwinn & Bernhard Diehl, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., employer for hire of Jan VanHeurck30
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