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Academic leadership and community college chief instructional officers at selected single-college districts30
Adolescents with mild/moderate disabilities' attitude toward science and their preferred traditional and technology teaching activities30
Alice in Gothland ; Day of the dead ; Mardi Gras masqu[e]rade ... [et al.], This very tree. By Josephine Young Case30
American social problems: an introduction to the study of the people and their dilemmas30
An Annotated and extended bibliography of higher education marketing, Selling and sales management guide for the maritime industry24
An Industrial engineering CAD/CAM educational module based on a virtual automated milling cell design30
Answer book for use with the second edition of Student's workbook for Learning medical terminology step by step30
Answers to questions in student guide to Economics and the private interest, an introduction to microeconomics, second edition30
Answers to questions in student guide to Economics and the private interest, an introduction to microeconomics, second edition part 230
A synthesis of resource and governance theories in the context of horizontal expansion strategies22
Basic arithmetic and algebra exercises for allied health sceince mathematics30
Business communication strategies and skills, fourth edition, [by] Richard C. Huseman, James M. Lahiff, John M. Penrose, Jr30
College algebra and trigonometry as Socrates might have taught them30
Corporate strategy: an analytic approach to business policy for growth and expansion. By H. Igor Ansoff30
Don't let your neighbor beat you to the john with a straight shot!, Who am I now?30
Evidence for the sensory receptor(s) of the mounting sex pheromone in two species of Ixodid ticks, Dermacentor variabilis (Say) and Dermacentor andersoni Stiles30
Fiction threat fighter, Mig-25-CMJ, supreme Foxbat, and other works, More fact than figure26
Financial management and recordskeeping manual for Riss affiliated independent owner-operators30
Finite mathematics and its applications, third edition, [by] Larry J. Goldstein, David I. Schneider, Martha J. Siegel30
First symphony (original composition) and Cadence and form in Hindemith's Lilacs requiem30
(Forget it) leave it all behind you. w Louis Armstrong (Satchmo), w, m & arr. Creole Charlie (Charles J. Levy)30
Getting the facts--accident investigation30
Health science media catalog of the National College of Chiropractic30
How to observe face to face communication: a sociological introduction, A young child experiences: activities for teaching and learning25
I love team work! math activities, collection 1, intermediate, Math activities, State bait30
Improving the prediction of police officer performance from .., Criminal investigation30
Instructor's guide for use with the seventh edition of Fundamentals of nursing, by LuVerne Wolff, Marlene Weitzel, Ruth Ann Zornow, and Helen Zsohar part 230
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Criminal investigation, eighth edition [by] Charles R. Swanson, Neil C. Chamelin, Leonard Territo30
Instructors' manual and test bank to accompany Economics, Student guide for learning Economics30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany the second edition of Medical-Surgical nursing [by] Diane McGovern Billings, Lillian Gatlin Stokes part 330
Instructor's manual and test book, An Introduction to financial management, second edition25
Instructor's manual, Finite mathematics, with applications to life, second edition25
Instructor's manual to accompany College algebra, 2nd edition, by Tobey, Nanney, and Cable29
Instructor's manual to accompany Guiding each child's learning of mathematics by Robert B. Ashlock, Martin L. Johnson, John W. Wilson, Wilmer L. Jones part 330
Instructor's manual to accompany Palmer, Colton, A history of the modern world, seventh edition part 225
Instructor's manual to accompany Psychology, second edition [by] Henry L. Roediger III, J. Philippe Rushton, Elizabeth Deutsch Capaldi, Scott G. Paris30
Instructor's manual to accompany Understanding and managing organizational behavior28
Instructor's manual with test items to accompany California politics and government part 227
Intermediate algebra for college student [by] Robert F. Blitzer: student solutions manual30
International Conference on the Application and Theory of Periodic Structures, Archery27
International economics: theory, practice and policy. By Jack N. Behrman & Wilson E. Schmidt30
Introduction to criminal justice, second edition [by] Robert M. Bohm, Keith N. Haley30
Juvenile justice? Conflict theory and juvenile court processing in Florida30
Laboratory and radiologic tests for primary eye care, Calculus mathematics: algebra and trigonometry30
Marketing management strategy for small research consulting corporations selling to the Federal Government30
Organizational behavior and management, third edition, [by] John M. Ivancevich, Michael T. Matteson30
Physiological and molecular investigations of cell surface structures important in the pathogenesis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Burkholderia cepacia30
Practical dermatology for medical students and general practitioners. By George M. Lewis30
Principles of plant physiology. By James Frederick Bonner & Arthur William Galston26
Psychology part 430
Psychosocial stressors of immigration and implications for interactional patterns between Mexican immigrant and Mexican-American mother/infant dyads26
Public policy analysis through quality of life monitoring a feasibility .30
Radical protest and social structure: the Southern Farmers' Alliance and Cotton Tenancy, l880-l89030
Read all about it, shit, shit, nothing but pure shit!30
Recipes for learning to put your child high above the crowd, Junk treasures, Mental gymnastics30
'round the world with the rubber duck. Artist: C. W. McCall, sound recording: Polydor, Inc30
Sales management, customer, and prospect followup, and direct mail computer program for automobile dealers, manufacturers, distributors, lessors, and sales people30
Sample chapter of the problem solving guide to accompany College algebra, second edition and College algebra and trigonometry, second edition by Ralph C. Steinlage25
Self-defense training and its contributions to the healing process for survivors of sexual assault30
Six bravest American presidents; new profiles in courage. By Bill Davidson, 2020 vision30
Small business management: a planning approach & 1 other title. By Joel Corman & Robert N. Lussier30
Solutions manual to accompany Calculus and analytic geometry, second edition [by] Al Shenk30
Solutions manual, volume 2 (chapters 12-23), Calculus and analytic geometry, third edition30
Statistical models based on counting processes, Yellow submarine, 5 song EP project26
Strategic marketing problems cases and comments, seventh edition [by] Roger A. Kerin, Robert A. Peterson30
Student guide to make sure exercises to accompany Wise/Nation/Crampton Intermediate algebra and problem solving part 230
Student involvement guide, Marketing principles, [by] Ben M. Enis, third edition27
Study guide to accompany Elementary statistics in a world of applications, with answers to chapter tests30
Study guide to accompany Elementary statistics in a world of applications, with answers to chapter tests part 229
Study guide with solutions to selected odd-numbered exercises for Gustafson and Frisk's Algebra for college students, third edition30
Success in reading and writing: the textbook concept of the future, grade four, Clara29
The Challenge of teaching social studies in the elementary school, Learning about responsibility30
The Macmillan English series. Grade 5. By Thomas Clark Pollock, John J. Forester & Israel Soifer26
The making of a revolutionary counter-acting a governmental conspiracy to destroy urban city youth part 230
Theme from The Loneliness of the long distance runner. m John Addison, Nero Wolfe--main title25
The Middle East Institute resource guide for teachers & 1 other title28
Theory and practice. Vol. 2. By Interscience Publishers, Inc., employer for hire of I. M. Kolthoff, Philip J. Elving & Ernest B. Sandell (editors)30
The Russian menace to Europe. Translation of selections from various publications of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels by Paul W. Blackstock & Bert F. Hoselitz30
Total fitness: health news from IHC health plans. TX 4-862-862 (1999), I'm going to leave this world behind30
Transparencies for presenting the MMPI in court and classroom, The Power of human imagination30
Transparency masters to accompany An Introduction to management science, fourth edition, quantitative approaches to decision making [by] David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams part 630
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