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1993 travel and tourism directory for southwestern North Carolina, "Movin' on" project30
ABC chicka book with me and other phonemic awareness/phonics songs & activities, Counting kittens and other math songs & activities30
A Comparative study of the language people use to describe the personalities of God and their earthly parents22
A Comparison of kindergarten goals as perceived by public school superintendents, elementary .30
A guide to self-help workbooks for mental health clinicians and researchers, The Practical library trainer30
Alcohol in Italian culture, food and wine in relation to sobriety among Italians and Italian Americans. By Giorgio Lolli, Emidio Serianni, Grace M. Golder, and one other30
A letter containing four solutions to vexing problems, Medicines for the Union Army30
Al Nino de Vallecas se lo comieron los lobos del Pardo, A husband's prayer, Trentrakker30
American Indian and indigenous peoples' sovereignty and authority in cultural, historical and environmental studies part 330
Amnesia; Drip, drip, drip; The big issue et al. By Nigel Hunter, Darren Hamer, Bruce Duncan et al28
An Analysis of the teaching of critical thinking in baccalaureate schools .., Body coding from A to Z30
Applying telecommunications and technology from a global business perspective, Health and poverty30
(Baby) don't gimme no ride, just gimme a lift, 6 songs by Bonnie Snow, 2 songs for D F W30
Bereavement reactions as graphically expressed in the art productions of patients with bipolar affective disorder, illustrated with six case studies part 227
Biodiversity of aquatic insects in relation to temperate and tropical land use, and the life histories and microhabitat associations of lotic mayflies30
Blood sisters: the French revolution in women's memory, Phoneix the warrior, Jeremy-at the Pimoulu circus30
Breaking the silence--a guide to help children with complicated grief30
Cela m'est egal, if it's all the same to you, The magic window, You're dead24
Child maltreatment: a clinical guide and reference and a comprehensive photographic reference26
Chocolate pudding and other approaches to intensive multiple-family therapy, Dr. Laura26
Class, gender, and education in the formation of the epistemic positions of Renaissance narrative versifiers30
Cognitive behavioral brief psychotherapy simplified in step-by-step patterns of transformation28
Collected works of Marilyn S. Ruben a.k.a. "Grandma Ruby.", Rate your date, Progress in assertiveness, 1973-198330
Comments & partial solution on foreign trade problems, Religion, homosexuality and literature30
Comparative epidemiology of the mental disorders. By Paul H. Hoch & Joseph Zubin30
Conservation and management of California gnatcatchers (polioptila californica californica) part 230
Contemporary sales force management and case studies, Broken glass is dangerous, Lothario Project III, 198930
Counseling lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender substance abusers, Group work, Stricken30
Couples therapy and the new research paradigm, Kim and Gordon, Jimmy the teacher30
Covariate analysis of bivariate survival data, Predictors of drug court treatment outcome30
Crossing boundaries and developing alliances through group work, Roads of excess, palaces of wisdom24
Decorative potpourri container by Martha Miller, 1996 series, Real dogs don't play dead29
Designing a pilot program for family ministry at the Big Jackson Church of God, Paris, Michigan30
Dynamite ; Somebody took my woman ; Business in the street ... [et al.], Dynamite, and 3 other songs27
Effective parent involvement in secondary schools of Texas identified as exemplary, 1982-1989 part 230
Effect of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on scientific communication, Flowers for Algernon [by] Daniel Keyes25
Effects of and interventions for childhood trauma from infancy through adolescence20
Emperor of dreams, a Clark Ashton Smith bibliography, Scene one from Jasmine, In deepest USA30
Employee assistance programs and the Greater Cincinnati United Appeal/Community Chest part 230
Enter karate. By Stan Schmidt, 1936-; edited by Thomas G. Sanders, 1944-; photographers: Alan Paterson, Michel Rooseleers30
Excursions in modern mathematics [by] Peter Tanenbaum, sixth edition, student resource manual30
Extremely narrow resonances in closed-loop arrays of quantum mechanical and electromagnetic interactions part 330
Factors affecting the utilization of community-based services among Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Mexican American elderly25
Family secrets and the psychoanalysis of narrative30
Five preliminary drawings for the planned animated video "Judah and me.", Tuning the brain30
Fortran IV program to rank, in descending order, up to 99 integers ranging in value from zero to 99 part 427
Freestyle Training certification manual, Women of the Olympia, Little Rhonda and the strawberry deer30
Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people with developmental disabilities and mental retardation30
Genealogy of William A. Lewis, born 1773 of North Carolina and associated families part 230
Geologic map of the eastern part of the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, Bibliography of the Grand Canyon and the lower Colorado River, 1540-198030
Globalization on the ground: postbellum Guatemalan democracy and development. TX 5-437-778 (2001)30
Greetings from LA (Lower Alabama): a collection of stories, jokes, observations & opinions by the original 1960's Alabama redneck part 230
Guide to the Sol Feinstone collection of the David Library of the American Revolution28
Handbook of formulas and software for plant geneticists and breeders, Shame, guilt and alcoholism30
Health & medical industry diectory: 1.1 million businesses & phone numbers, Lifestyles: disc 1--Leisure22
How to start a professional geriatric care management business, Mixed up things, You sexy thang22
Human services fundings in Boston's Community development block grant program, 1975-1980 part 328
If I don't like myself, I can change myself, Stepfamilies, Bullying21
Impact of group and self-paced orientation on transfer student attitudes, Social comment through comedy25
Instructions and ideas for do-it-yourself motorcycle trunks, A bridge over troubled waters30
Instructor's lecture guide with transparency masters to accompany Cost accounting, fourth edition [by] Michael W. Maher, Edward B. Deakin29
Instructor's manual and test bank for use with Human geography, people, cultures & landscapes30
Instructor's manual and test item file for Microeconomics theory and applications, fifth edition25
International directory of arts = Internationales Kunst-Adressbuch = Annuaire international des beaux-arts = Annuario internazionale delle belle arti = Anuario internacional de las artes30
Internationalization of American universities and the changing ideology of international student recruitment30
Interpretive program for Gordon personal profile-inventory high school and college counseling form28
Investigation of a peak search algorithm to find varying width gaussian shaped peaks in solid state .27
It's a feelin' (everybody should get lucky sometime), & 2 other selections, Take my blues away27
I wouldn't exchange my Jesus. w & m HeartWarming Music Company, employer for hire of Gladness Beard Jennings28
Koreanische Malerei und Grafik des "Westlichen Stils" von den Anfangen bis Zum Ende der Japanischem Besatzungszeit25
Love, cirronian style. (Tracker) PA 1-201-129, Infidelity, The void30
Market conduct file analysis checklists: state of New York & 3 other titles, Cannabis and cannabinoids24
Marketing plan for recording artists and presentation of new synergistic programming concept for television30
Mason Patrick and the fight for air service independence, Physical love, It happens everyday30
Measuring and modeling intraocular light scatter with Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing and the effects of nuclear cataract on the measurement of wavefront error30
Minor league baseball stadiums and the decision-making process of local Southern California governmental agencies27
New York University 27th conference on tax planning for 501(c)(3) organizations, Women in the Antarctic30
Nothing moves me anymore than you, Against my better judgement, Dougsongs one23
Novel mutations of COL3A1 resulting in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type IV and their effect on the folding of type III procollagen30
One in joyful songs of praise. w William Koninkx, acc.: Father Chrysogonus (Chrysogonus Waddell)30
Operation music. w & m Dick Glasser, William J. Kerr, Bob Glasser et al, Indiana criminal practice and procedure30
Organizational characteristics and information systems, an investigation, Chronic fatigue syndrome29
Personality change in trauma victims by the use of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, resource development and installation, and emotional freedom techniques30
Planning, renovating, expanding, and constructing library facilities in hospitals, academic medical centers, and health organizations30
Planning, renovating, expanding, and constructing library facilities in hospitals, academic medical centers, and health organizations part 230
Planning, renovating, expanding, and constructing library facilities in hospitals, academic medical centers, and health organizations part 330
Planning, renovating, expanding, and constructing library facilities in hospitals, academic medical centers, and health organizations part 423
Power-dependence relations and interorganizational communication in .., Religion, health, and aging29
Preparation and evaluation of polyurea block copolymer adhesive systems, Books for early childhood30
Professionally speaking ... Ad-Vantage's telephone marketing do-it-yourself kit, and 2 other titles30
Recovering from sexual abuse, addictions, and compulsive behaviors "numb" survivors30
Recovering from sexual abuse, addictions, and compulsive behaviors "numb" survivors part 230
Regulation of cysteine dioxygenase and gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase in response to sulfur amino acids in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes30
Residential & community child care administration, Community mental health review23
Rokinon pro-35 camera kit 4-color mailer & 21 other titles, Informal labor in a capitalist economy25
School counselor's handbook: a guide for professional growth and development, Moviestarmaterial25
Secrets of Mayan science/religion, Making medicine making money, Crossing into medicine country28
Service quality, customer behavioral intentions, and customer retention of telecommunication services in Thailand30
Side by side--mothers and daughters exploring selfhood and womanhood together30
Social work students' and practitioners' beliefs, attitudes and willingness to provide services to people with human immunodeficiency virus disease part 230
Soviet language frontiers: the structural method in early language reforms, 1917-1937, vol. I part 330
Spirituality, health locus of control, and wellness in organizational health promotion and wellness programs30
Strategies for reading in the elementary school, second edition, Reading for comprehension30
Studies in behavior pathology; the experimental approach to the psychology of the abnormal. Edited by Theodore R. Sarbin25
Study guide for Weinberg, Schumaker, and Oltman's Statistics, an intuitive approach, fourth edition part 230
Surviving in a dynamic project oriented industry through early involvement and early problem solutions24
Sustained public participation and nuclear weapons cleanup, Carving a wooden mallard30
The Best part of Christmas, Teenage runaway, After the laughter30
The big book of Catholic customs and traditions for children's faith formation part 230
The consumer's guide to getting value in eyewear at no extra charge (1st time, every time)30
The effect of nurse practitioner/physician teams on hospitalization rates in elderly nursing home residents compared with physicians only part 230
The Effect of two types of precatheterization teaching on patient's .., Life of luxury30
The effects of reporting of suspected child abuse and maltreatment on the psychotherapy relationship30
The effects of temperature on the antagonistic interactions of Trichoderma parceramosum (Bissett) on Cryphonectria parasitica (Murr.) under laboratory culture conditions30
The elements of moral philosophy, in three books with A brief account of the nature, progress, and origin of philosophy part 230
The evolutionary effects of bear predation on salmon life history and morphology30
The golden book picture atlas of the world (Australia, Oceania, and the Polar Lands) No. 9499 part 230
The Harvey Milk Institute guide to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Internet research30
The Harvey Milk Institute guide to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Internet research part 230
The Harvey Milk Institute guide to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Internet research part 330
The learning about myself (LAMS) program for at-risk parents handbook for group participants30
The learning about myself (LAMS) program for at-risk parents handbook for group participants part 230
The learning about myself (LAMS) program for at-risk parents handbook for group participants part 330
The learning about myself (LAMS) program for at-risk parents handbook for group participants part 430
The Marquis of Waterford and members of the Tipperary Hunt (the Noble Tips) Tipperary killing, no murder24
The New management, fourth edition by Robert M. Fulmer and Exploring the new management, fourth edition by Theodore T. Herbert30
The origins of sound qualities, 'Til death do us part, again, Tears30
The pastoral care envisioned by Canon 1063 in preparation for marriage and the matrimonial state as applied to ministry to the deaf30
The Pierian Press Day in the life fab four twenty-year calendar for 1983, Serials collection development22
The socially skilled child molester: differentiating the guilty from the falsely accused30
The socially skilled child molester: differentiating the guilty from the falsely accused part 226
The Vietnam veteran and the legacy of the home front, The Master, The winner's rap30
The witness of the spirit in the thought of Athanasius, The witness30
Trailblazers pre-primary student activity sheets30
Treating sex offenders in correctional institutions and outpatient clinics, The merry-go-round of sexual abuse30
Underneath the sun, and other selections, Morel Orel, The Behavior analyst27
Women's experiences of lifetime violence, mental illness, substance use and risk of sexually transmitted infections in a predominantly African American sample30
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