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Abhandlung uber die bedeutsamen Verhaltensweisen der Sprache = Tractatus de Modis significandi part 230
A Catalogue of the fifteenth-century printed books in the Harvard University Library30
Accessibility survey for identification of structural barriers to programs and services at visitor centers, developed campgrounds and day-use/picnic areas30
Action research in workplace innovation and regional development, Prolific domains30
A Documented history of the First Baptist Church Bute Street, Norfolk, Virginia, 1800-198830
All about the symphony orchestra; and what it plays. Text: Dorothy Berlinger [i.e. Berliner] Commins, foreword: Thomas Scherman, drawings: Warren Chappell, photos: Constatine [i.e. Constantine] Manos et al part 230
An Education plan to reduce negative stigma of the resource class in an elementary school30
Aristotelisches Wissen und Glauben im 15. Jahrhundert, Stance in talk, Pragmatic markers in oral narrative27
A Study of the role of home economics unit administrators with emphasis on role .30
Attitude of college-level electronics technology majors toward mathematics, The middle voice30
Austrian historical memory & national identity, The Kreisky Era in Austria, Austria in the nineteen fifties27
Clean Clarence. By Pricilla Friedrich and Otto Friedrich, ill.: Louis Slobodkin30
Coherence in spoken and written discourse: how to create it and how to describe it30
Competency assessment, personality identification, and classroom behavior of selected .30
Complementation of the nuclear localizational and functional defects of the cytoplasmic mutant SV40 T antigen by human HSP70 protein in Swiss 3T3 mouse fibroblast cells30
Consulting engineer's report, Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority, power supply system revenue bonds, series 1992B27
Conversation among student teachers, cooperating teachers, and teacher supervisors in a primary team setting part 330
Cultural psychological and typological issues in cognitive linguistics: selected papers of the bi-annual ICLA meeting in Albuquerque, July 199530
Current trends in Caucasian, East European and inner Asian linguistics, New approaches to old problems30
Current trends in Caucasian, East European and inner Asian linguistics, Recent advances in natural language processing26
Dans le creux du bois avec John DuBois = In the deep of the woods with John DuBois30
Deictic conceptualisation of space, time and person, Verbal aspect in discourse, English speech rhythm30
Dictionary of the Prague School of Linguistics = Dictionnaire de linguistique de L'ecole de Prague30
Dictionary of the Prague School of Linguistics = Dictionnaire de linguistique de L'ecole de Prague part 230
Dictionary of the Prague School of Linguistics = Dictionnaire de linguistique de L'ecole de Prague part 330
Dictionary of the Prague School of Linguistics = Dictionnaire de linguistique de L'ecole de Prague part 430
Die Disputatio de anima rationali secundum substatniam des Nicolaus Baldelli, SJ nach dem Pariser Codex BN lat. 16627 part 230
Distributions spatiales et temporelles, constellations des manuscrits, Literary anthropology30
Foreign language students' perceptions of instructional techniques that promote language learning part 230
For the temples of his gods; a novel. By William Charles "John" Black, Deliveries in the rear30
Getting things done in business. Editor: Edward Collins Bursk, He dared me to be me28
How to survive an expensive illness; cancer and other disabling illnesses, Mister Charlie29
Improving middle school student recall of content area reading material, Late nite lover30
Instructor's manual to accompany Developing communicative competence, roleplays in English as a second language27
Invariance, markedness and distinctive feature analysis, Practicing linguistic historiography30
Issues in the study of Pidgin and Creole languages, Causatives and transitivity, Austronesian root theory26
Language in dispute = an English translation of Peter of Spain's Tractatus called afterwards Summulae logicales on the basis of the critical edition established by L. M. DeRijk27
Language structure, discourse and the access to consciousness, Mirror neurons and the evolution of brain and language27
Law enforcement personnel perceptions of the relative importance of characteristics associated with effective law enforcement legal instructors part 330
Lessons I've learned. w & m Gary W. Morgan, 1956-, & Jamie Hudson, 1964, I'm incredible30
Linguistics and theology, the significance of Noam Chomsky for theological construction30
Mapping and analyzing spatially variable soil and crop data, with application to soil-specific management26
Minitab manual to accompany Statistical methods for the social and behavioral sciences30
Narrative and form in Dvorak's symphonic poems based on the folk poetry of Karel Jaromir Erben30
Naturalists, conservationists, and environmentalists, Vincent VanGogh, Go, Dartmouth, go. w & m Carroll W. Lucas30
New Zealand literature in the Sydney "bulletin" 1880-1930, with a literary index (volume two) of New Zealand authors in the "bulletin", 1880-1960 part 228
North American Indian folk music elements in the "Red Indian fantasy" of Busoni, with three recitals of selected works by Beethoven, Brahms, Debussy, Liszt, Moussorgsky, and others part 330
On this, the 100th anniversary edition of Larson's Gale Verden, please let me extend my congratulations30
Perspectives on gifted children through early memories, kinetic family drawings, mothers' attitudes, loneliness questionnaires, and personality self-portraits part 430
Protect your car! What you should know about forced placed collateral protection insurance30
Reading and writing multimodal texts through information and communication technologies part 230
Rezeption und Interpretatin der Aristotelischen Politica im spaten Mittelalter, Focus and grammatical relations in Creole languages30
Rezeption und Interpretatin der Aristotelischen Politica im spaten Mittelalter, Mirages de la farce30
Sea of green ; Song about nothing ; I'll believe Crystal ball ... [et al.], I won't be around30
Self-motivation and activity comparison among cardiac rehabilitation graduates of one to two years and two to three years after graduation part 230
Standardization of a rapid flow cytometry method for yeast antifungal susceptibility using NCCLS macrodilution and microdilution M-27a method and the antifungals caspofungin and fluconazole29
Status and quality of masters level counselor education training programs in .., Migrating texts30
Stepping-in-place performance as an indicator of ambulation proficiency in adults with hemiparesis and age-matched health adults30
Student handbook to accompany Concepts of genetics, fourth edition [by] William S. Klug, Michael R. Cummings30
Subjectivity and intersubjectivity in modern philosophy and psychoanalysis. TX 4-532-898 (1997)30
Syntactic phrase structure phenomena in noun phrases and sentences, From OV to VO in Early Middle English30
Tapping and mapping the processes of translation and interpreting, The critical link--interpreters in the community25
Telephone call processing, Melita/I B M solution, It ain't cool, it ain't fly, You don't have to say30
The Artifice of reality; poetic style in Wordsworth, Foscolo, Keats, and Leopardi. By Karl Kroeber25
The Construction and evaluation of a communicational climate questionnaire for .27
The establishment of a working alliance with low-income single mothers who have engaged in physically aggressive behaviors toward their children referred for counseling30
The Eureka log homes story and a collection of beautiful log homes, commercial buildings from Eureka Log Homes, Inc28
The Googlies (the Googly, Slouch, Kookie, Buzby, Aggy, Tiki, and King Mole), L'Afrique et l'Asie30
The Influence of organizational culture on measures of .., The Aesthetics of Thomas Aquinas26
Theory of electron resonance creating the wave-like, particle-like nature of quanta of light30
The Rice-sprout song. By Eileen Chang, abridgement and simplification: James J. Passarelli part 222
The Theory of neutralization and the archiphoneme in functional phonology, Topics in cognitive linguistics30
Training course outline for transmission center operators, managers, and foremen30
Travaux du cercle linguistique de Prague n.s. = Prague linguistic circle papers, Zur Geschichte der deutschen Sprache30
Triumph; the autobiography of Bonnie Pennington. As told to Joan R. Neubauer, 195226
Two Spanish masterpieces: The Book of good love and The Celestina. By Maria Rosa Lida DeMalkiel22
Young children's construction of physical knowledge on swings in the outdoor play environment30
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