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A Guide to professional development opportunities for college and university administrators part 230
A Guide to professional development opportunities for college and university administrators part 417
Alcohol and sexuality; an annotated bibliography on alcohol use, alcoholism, and human sexual behavior. By The Oryx Press29
America, History and Life. Part C, American history bibliography (books, articles, and dissertations) part 230
An analysis of utilization of learning styles to impact the instruction of secondary placed students in urban schools30
A new home, a new country, a new communication challenge, Grandpa says, The professional women's decision to retire30
An Examination of current certification practices relating to education of pre-school handicapped children in the state of Arkansas as related to the other forty-nine states30
An index to short and feature film reviews in the Moving picture world, A guide to American silent crime films22
An investigation of the effect of eye movement desensitization reprocessing on states of consciousness, anxiety, self-perception, and coach-perceived performance ratings of selected varsity collegiate athletes26
A performer's analysis of five mystical songs and seven songs from "The Pilgrim's progress" by Ralph Vaughan Williams part 230
A sociological research outline of ethnohistorical and sociocultural factors of tay sachs compared with sickle cell disease(s) research30
A structural analysis of personality factors and their causal relationships with drinking problems30
A teacher's resource for Farewell to Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston & James D. Houston30
Bake a cake for Santa Claus. Words: Blanche H. Young, music: Ronald Buck, The Consumer health information source book22
[Baseball sweepstakes ; Baseball fundraiser ; Major league baseball fundraiser ; Major league baseball sweepstakes] part 230
[Baseball sweepstakes ; Baseball fundraiser ; Major league baseball fundraiser ; Major league baseball sweepstakes] part 330
Business information: how to find and use it. By Marian C. Manley (Marian C. Manley Winser)30
Celestial Seasonings chamomile natural herb tea, Character, The Man who changed the world30
Ceramic transitions of the gulf coastal plain in the early centuries of the .., La cancion del lagarto30
Civic responsibility and hihger education, Exempt for life, Are you with us22
Comprehensive collection seminars reference manual, Little sheep, Hug-a-bug-a-boo (live)26
Computer literacy in the liberal arts college and its relationship to regional accreditation requirements30
Conflict, controversy and crisis in school administration and supervision; issues, cases and concepts for the '70's30
Consumer health USA: essential information from the Federal Health Network30
Cooperative learning in higher education: factors promoting the satisfaction of adult learners participating in acooperative [sic] base group. By Carolyn Ann Roberts part 330
Criminal justice and human resource development, What you need is Jesus in your life30
Destination math 5.0 mastering algebra, course 1, Destination30
Dimension of doom. By Christopher Black. (Star Challenge, no. 7 (on original appl.: Star Challenge, no. 6))30
Directory of Alzheimer's disease treatment facilities and home health care programs30
Directory of Alzheimer's disease treatment facilities and home health care programs part 230
Directory of college facilities and services for the disabled, Publication grants for writers & publishers30
Directory of college facilities and services for the handicapped, Library leadership24
Directory of public and private programs for emotionally disturbed children and youth30
Educational Testing Service Trustees' ... public accountability report, Kodak Dicom individual testing program27
Effect of residual excitation from prior programming on television .., Zero tolerance30
Effects of awareness of timing on attitude toward computers and item response latency in a computer-administered survey medium part 330
Electrical systems schedules program with copy, paste, and schedule transfer capabilities, version 23.2030
Encyclopedia of military technology and innovation, The telephone shapes Los Angeles25
Evaluation of Doppler lidar measurements of momentum flux and wind variability along an upwelling coast30
Everybody's grandmother and nobody's fool, Standing fast, The Quest for the presidency, 198828
Fireworks, brass bands and elephants : promotional events with flair for libraries and other nonprofit organizations part 230
Funding sources for community and economic development: a guide to current sources for local programs and projects30
Funding sources for community and economic development: a guide to current sources for local programs and projects part 326
Funding sources for community and economic development, ERIC identifier authority list19
Good voyage--the Eleanor F. Bartram and the Portland, A Close call, The name train30
Government leaders, military rulers, and political activists, Country turned around30
Health organizations of the United States, Canada, and internationally, Training and development organizations directory30
Higher education executives' responses to the 2002 National Survey of Higher Education Alliance Strategy and Practice part 230
Higher education instructional and student services expenditures in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin (1978-1979 through 1987-1988)30
History of the Engineering Societies Library, 1913-1973, Milestones in science and technology27
Homelessness, parental psychopathology, and family environment as predictors of anxiety, depression, and self-esteem in children30
Home's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there, The Zena Sutherland lectures, 1983-199230
I. Neoproterozoic-paleozoic supercontinental tectonics and true polar wander. II. Temporal and spatial distributions of proterozoic glaciations30
Instructor's guide for Successful communication in business and Workbook for Successful communication in business28
Instructor's manual, test bank, and transparency masters to accompany Economics and contemporary issues, second edition [by] Michael R. Edgmand, Ronald L. Moomaw, Kent W. Olson30
Instructor's manual to accompany Critical incidents in management, Precious pals30
Instructor's manual to accompany The practice of nursing research--conduct, critique, and utilization, third edition29
Intellectual freedom and social responsibility in American librarianship, 1967-197429
International business protocol fact sheets on U S S R, Portugal, Netherlands, Caribbean (Barbados), and France part 230
Ion-exchange sorption and preparative chromatography of biologically active molecules30
John H. Howell family, Kansas City, Missouri, at Long Beach, California, winter 1910-11 part 230
Laboratory manual to accompany Modern industrial electronics, fourth edition, [by] Timothy J. Maloney29
Law and economics: a comparative approach to theory and practice, The Higher education of women27
Learning packaged to go--a directory and guide to staff development and training packages28
Litigation manual, New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, Division of Law30
Lives and legacies: an encyclopedia of people who changed the world, scientist, mathematicians, and inventors23
Mainstreaming handicapped preschoolers--a practical guide for parents and child development staff30
Maps of Cape Fear River in Cape Fear, written by Malcolm Ross. By Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc30
Marketing and sales practices of internet cigarette vendors and smokers' perceptions of buying cigarettes online27
Multicultural folktales for the feltboard and readers' theater, There's a zoo in room 2230
Multidimensional person-environment interaction patterns and health status among persons with rheumatoid arthritis30
Optimal use of microvascular free flaps, cartilage grafts, and a paramedian forehead flap for aesthetic reconstruction of the nose and adjacent facial units30
Picture book intervention to facilitate language production in monolingual Spanish-speaking children30
Population information in nineteenth century census volumes. By Suzanne Schulze30
Procedural manual and by-laws for the Board of Christian Education, History of the Z G S (Argonne, 1979)30
Professional ethics for certified financial planner designees. By Dalton Publications, LLC, employer for hire of Randall Cangelosi & James F. Dalton30
Reading and writing poetry; successful approaches for the student and teacher. By the Oryx Press30
Ready notes to accompany Basic biomechanics, fourth edition, Let's go to the beach29
Research guide to the arid lands of the world. By Stephen Hopkins & Douglas Jones30
Simulated petrification through twentieth century alchemy, Housebreaking and chewing problems30
Spectroscopic techniques for food analysis, To me He's everything, Caught pants down30
Student resource manual to accompany Hicks/Gullett, Management, fourth edition [by Herbert G. Hicks & C. Ray Gullett] part 230
Teacher reactions to and recommendations for the Boston College conflict prevention program for sixth and seventh gradeinner city students part 330
Teaching science to 8th graders by engaging them in a design and technology activity30
The American Pharmaceutical Association practical guide to natural medicines, Think and get well30
The complete grants sourcebook for higher education, The Border Patrol collection30
The cosmic history of man and woman, Search, Recon30
The Declassified documents quarterly catalog ., Just met, Donna Lee King catalogue23
The eating disorder inventory and other predictors of successful symptom management in bulimic and obese women following an inpatient treatment program employing an addictions paradigm part 230
The Education of Asian and Pacific Americans; historical perspectives and prescriptions for the future. By The Oryx Press30
The Federal legal directory: a guide to the legal offices and key legal personnel of the U.S. Government. By Richard L. Hermann & Linda P. Sutherland part 223
The relationship between student-faculty relationships and clinical teaching effectiveness in nursing education30
The Retrieval of information in the humanities and the social sciences, Research guide to the history of Western art30
The Road to secretarial success. By Irene Place & Madeline S. Strony, Women in management30
The role of coenzyme Q as an antioxidant in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Just west of Elcho30
The use of the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis as a predictive instrument of compliance in treatment of drunk driving clients part 230
The World's nations; an economic and regional geography. By George F. Deasy, Phyllis R. Griess, Earl C. Case & E. Willard Miller part 230
Timothy G. Boney original songs (Kiss me once), Thinking out loud30
Tools for critique to explore Teaching to change the world, second edition, [by] Jeannie Oakes, Martin Lipton30
Transdex. Bibliography and index to the United States Joint Publications Research Service (J P R S) translations part 221
Uncle Roy's Sammy, the pup, Cinderella30
Unsay goodbye & 1 other title. Written by Adam Stuart Levy & co-writers as noted29
Using picture storybooks to teach literary devices, Invention, Uh-oh plutonium!29
Wartime memories of J. Robert Slaughter and selected men of the 116th Infantry, 29th division, 1941-194530
What the West was really like; teaching guide for the scholastic curriculum unit part 221
What to do when there is only you: a first aid program for elementary school children; instructors manual. By National Safety Council, Broward Chapter30
William Morris in private press and limited editions; a descriptive bibliography. By John J. Walsdorf30
Winning the race ; Jazzersize in a tie ; Why can't sometimes and always be friends ; No you drop it29
Women's health project MSU (make something unnecessary) smoking cessation program30
Year-round reading, the Nightingale-Bamford lower school booklist, Florida trial evidence30
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