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A descriptive study of a balanced curriculum of whole language philosophy and phonics in a kindergarten classroom part 230
Aggression, hostility, and violence: nature or nurture? By Terry Maple & Douglas W. Matheson30
A guide to references and resources in child abuse and neglect, Keena Keynotes, Magic boy30
A guide to the implementation of the ISO 14000 series on environmental management part 230
Algebra and trigonometry using TI-81 and Casio graphic calculators for Algebra and trigonometry, second edition [by] Hungerford, Mercer part 330
An examination of two instructional delivery formats in community college developmental studies30
An Integrated approach to organization development and performance improvement planning30
An Introduction to analog and digital communications, Nonlinear methods of spectral analysis25
An investigation of the relationships between decision makers, DSS incorporating electronically imported external data, and the use of these applications in decision-making tasks30
Artificial intelligence and educational psychology, a probabilistic computing model for well-defined problems30
Assessment handbook, the National Association of Secondary School Principals--National Assessment Center project30
A Taxonomic study of the Ranunculus hispidus Michaux complex in the Western Hemisphere29
Auscultation of the heart. By Bernard L. Segal & William Likoff, Drugs and behavior26
Automatic transmission identification system (ATIS) modulator--16801 programmer control software30
Basic business statistics--concepts and applications, fourth edition [by] Mark L. Berenson, David M. Levine part 230
Brief calculus and its applications, fourth edition ; Calculus and its applications, fourth edition [by] Larry J. Goldstein, David C. Lay, David I. Schneider part 230
Civil liberties and the foreign intelligence surveillance act. TX 5-816-679 (2003)30
College algebra & trigonometry [by] Lewis Hirsch, Arthur Goodman ; student solutions manual part 230
Comparative economic systems: models and cases. By Morris Bernstein. Seventh ed30
Complete guide to stereo television (M T S/M C S) troubleshooting and repair, Handbook of practical CB service30
Comp one--an introductory composition workbook for students of E S L, The special educator's handbook30
Computational modeling of visual motion processing neurons in the dorsal medial superior temporal area (MSTD)30
Controlled composition for beginning and intermediate language development, Essays on the business cycle24
Controlled composition for beginning and intermediate language development, Power systems analysis30
Criminal behavior and the justice system: psychological persperctives30
Current advances in distributed computing and communications, Assemblers, compilers, and program translation30
Descriptive case studies of the socialization and acculturation of two mentored first-year elementary teachers withing the seventh-day adventist school system30
Dillavou and Howard's Principles of business law. By William J. Robert, Robert N. Corley, Essel R. Dillavou25
Discrete mathematical structures with applications to computer science, An Introduction to computer science30
Effective communication strategies used in disseminating the California English/language arts framework in California elementary schools part 330
Effects of selected binders on processing and sensory characteristics and casing retention effects on purge accumulation and the migration of "Listeria monocytogenes" to the surface of extra lean frankfurters in vacuum packages30
Electrical engineer shows new and revolutionary method for attaining timeless serenity of being instantly! guaranteed results ; Albert Einstein's energy equation "E=MC2" neutralized by the dualizing equation "[non-printable data]Ydx(A) equals [non-printable data]Pdt(B)" equation30
Elementary differential equations with boundary value problems, fourth edition, A Calculus companion30
Enhancement of the consumer loan portfolio management process at First American National Bank30
Executive's guide to data communications in the corporate environment, Test bank to accompany Electricity30
Expectations and perceptions for the role of primary care nurse practitioners within .30
Experiments for Electrical machines, drives, and power systems, second edition, Chromatographic and electrophoretic methods30
Financial decision making with your T R S-80 model 100 including 18 programs, Ford Escort/Mercury Lynx cars (1981-84)30
Fundamentals of engineering examination October 2006 administration forms 0610A, 0610B, and 0610C morning sessions and form 0610 afternoon session part 230
Fundamentals of financial management, eighth edition, [by] James C. VanHorne, John M. Wachowicz, Jr30
How to record an accident, injury, vandalism, including hit and run to a car, van, truck, motorcyle, ATV, jeep, or pedestrian part 225
Idaho charter school teachers' perceptions of Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound inservice training30
Instructor's guide for Merchandising mathematics, second edition. By Glencoe Publishing Company, a division of Macmillan Publishing Company, Inc30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Delinquency in society, fourth edition [by] Robert M. Regoli, John D. Hewitt30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany The economic approach to environmental and natural resources, second edition30
Instructor's manual and test item file to accompany American government and politics, second edition30
Instructor's manual for Askov and Otto's Meeting the challenge, corrective reading instruction in the classroom. By Bernard Badiali, author for hire of Eunice Askov & Wayne Otto, & Eunice Askov25
Instructor's manual for Florence Schumer's Abnormal psychology, Asking the right questions26
Instructor's manual, History of art, second edition [by] H. W. Janson, Repairing and maintaining your own stereo system30
Instructor's manual to accompany Business communications, theory and practice, Business communications examinations30
Instructor's manual to accompany Characteristics of behavior disorders of children and youth, fourth edition [by] James M. Kauffman30
Instructor's manual to accompany State and local politics, sixth edition, State and local politics30
Instructor's solutions manual volume I, chapters 1-10 to accompany Calculus with analytic geometry, fifth edition30
Instructor's testbank for Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, 2nd ed, Economics. By Marcia Stigum & Bernt P. Stigum30
Integrated circuit metrology, inspection, and process control, IV, GNU Emacs, Gloria, & other selections28
Intermediate accounting, second edition [by] Lanny G. Chasteen, Richard E. Flaherty, Melvin C. O'Connor part 230
Jazz ala Ridgeway. m Don Murray, Gene Klingman, Dave Klingman et al, Annie's coming out30
Lab manual (a troubleshooting approach) to accompany Digital systems, principles and applications, seventh edition, [by] Ronald J. Tocci, Neal S. Widmer part 225
Lab manual to accompany Tocci's Digital systems--principles and applications, 3/e part 230
Labor economics and industrial relations; labor problems, union organizations, collective bargaining, social security. By Robert D. Leiter30
Lawyers' medical cyclopedia of personal injuries and allied specialities, fifth edition30
Limited appraisal of electric distribution facilities, prepared for Grays Harbor County Public Utility District No. 1, Aberdeen, Washington, February 200030
Mass communications arts. No. 2: messages and meaning. By Scholastic Magazines, Inc part 230
Mastering the process of writing at work, Analysis, Maps and templates for writing at work27
Money, banking, and economic analysis, third edition, [by] Thomas D. Simpson, Working in the United States30
Morrison, Lester, Bergner collaberation [sic] ("fear itself"), Mo Fuzz, Morrisongs22
Musicianship through sight reading. Book 4. By Florence May Brunker & Ronald Maurice Brunker28
Nawy reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete programs (N R C P CP), Prestressed concrete26
Newsgathering and the law. Cumulative supplement, Shades of meaning, The power of the image17
Notes for a brief look at the technical side of satellite communications for non-technical people30
One more reason why the farmers are on strike ; John Deer[e] have a beer ; Gonna make this life a little better30
On your own (but not alone) in and around Philadelphia, On your own30
Organization theory and the transformation of large, complex organizations30
Parent and teacher perceptions of ways teachers work with the parents of their students27
Patient education strategies, Harmony, Leaving30
Personal computing on the VIC 20: a friendly computer guide part 530
Personal money management system for grammar and high schools, Instructor's guide, Personal money management26
Prehistoric times ; Ancient civilizations ; Westward expansion ... [et al.], The Solar system! Harvestall Grain Chillcuring30
Qualitative evaluation of the Passionate Marriage Couple Enrichment Weekend, Never stop dreaming30
Quality control for firms that perform audits and reviews of historical financial information, and other assurance and related services engagements part 230
Rough drafts ; an activity book to accompany fourth edition Simon & Schuster Handbook for writers [by] Lynn Quitman Troyka30
Sabbato ad vesperas hymnus = Sabbath evening hymn, Oh come, oh come Emmanuel, Babydoll30
Service procedures manual for heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration30
Stephen Hero. Editors: John J. Slocum & Herbert Cahoon, Management, Screening violence28
Student's guide and workbook for A Survey of Western civilization, vol. II by Richard D. Goff, George H. Cassar, Anthony Esler ... [et al.]30
Student use of time in a large and a small self-paced science classroom, Modern investment theory, [by] Robert A. Haugen28
Study guide to accompany Computers and information, an introduction, third edition29
Study guide to accompany Essentials of chemistry and Essentials of chemistry, extended edition by William Rife30
Teacher's manual to accompany A Russian course, by Alexander Lipson, in cooperation with Steven J. Molinsky part 230
Teaching reading strategies through science to middle school below level readers and its implications for staff development part 230
Test bank to accompany Mussen, Conger, Kagan, Huston Child development and personality, sixth edition25
Testbook B to accompany Principles of economics, second edition, main text authors, James F. Ragan, Jr., Lloyd B. Thomas, Jr part 230
The 8088 and 8086 microprocessors; programming, interfacing, software, hardware, and applications. By Walter A. Triebel, Avtar Singh25
The Accountant's and consultant's guide to computer-age accounting manuals30
The Atmospheres of the Earth and planets. By Gerard P. Kuiper, Meteorology, Storm and cloud dynamics27
The baby boomer (I finally got it all ... now where the !#%* did I put it?) memory book30
The Design and introduction of a structured on-the-job training model in one company30
The DeVry writing assignment guide, for faculty at DeVry Institutes of Technology30
The Intel microprocessors 8086/8088, 80186/80188, 80286, 80386, 80486, Pentium, and Pentium Pro processor30
The interrelationship among job satisfaction/dissatisfaction of student affairs professionals and selected demographic variables part 230
The Kuroko and related volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits, Earth resources, Rocks and rock minerals27
The Petroleum industry in the eighties, structural change in the private sector, Urban transportation networks30
The Purposes of higher education. By Huston Cummings Smith & Arthur Holly Compton30
The Relationship between subjective and objective organizational climate and organizational .30
Top notch 2 teacher's edition and lesson planner with teacher's resource disk, Workplace plus 430
Toward an integrated sociological paradigm--the search for an exemplar and an image of the subject matter30
TRB for A-W computer literacy and A-W programming in Basic for the Apple II series, Commodore 64, TRS-80, and I B M P C30
Truth affidavit in the nature of supplemental rules for administrative and maritime claims rules C(6)30
United States of America vs. Meriwether Lewis and Reuben Field, defendants, The Carl Bradley collection30
Wang word processing for the Wang OIS and VS systems standard word processing editor22
We've come a long way from King to King, but don't lose the dream, I give You all the praise28
WHS still standing ; If Jesus was thumbing would you give him a lift? ; 2700 A. D. ; A Clock doesn't work an 8 hour day25
Women's leadership roles in the student Christian movement and the rise of the new woman, 1880-192030
Women trying to fulfill too many roles can strain health limits, [Before they do unto you, and other contributions]30
Word processing in the freshman composition classroom, and Steinbeck's California and the cultural work of "The grapes of wrath."30
Write it right. By Western Publishing Company, Inc., employer for hire of Elizabeth Kirtland (text) & Harold J. Herman (introd.)30
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