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A comparative study of child-rearing practices and family environments of adoptive and biological families part 330
A comparative study on the effectiveness of differential equations instruction with and without a computer algebra system30
Advanced image processing methods for automated quantitative microstructural analysis30
A Financial comparison of life insurance. By the Heritage Organization, Inc, We mean business30
A hierarchical analysis of factors affecting the adoption and marketing of timber bridges30
American poets since World War II, The Drive-in rock, Drama30
An analysis of coping dispositions and coping strategies in young children, (It's) all up to you30
An Analysis of personality traits of couples in three levels of relationship, Handbook of communication and emotion30
An Evaluation of conifer growth, stocking, and associated vegetation on north Umpqua B. L. M. release sites27
A Social, economic, and political study of Blacks in the Louisiana .., Banned from basketball27
Assessing dietary change among participants in the "diet and health study of colon adenomas."25
Assignments for an online speech course to be used for an onlin public speaking course that is purely online without any class meetings30
Biotechnology competencies to be acquired by first-year/initially certified technology education teachers30
Business mathematics, ninth edition [by] Charles D. Miller, Stanley A. Salzman, Gary Clendenen part 230
CJA 423 cultural diversity in criminal justice course syllabus faculty notes cja423r1fn30
Comparative economic systems: capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism and co-operation. By William N. Loucks & J. Weldon Hoot30
Comparative study of the metabolic effects of anthracenedione and .., Artforms, We create art creates us, [by] Duane Preble26
Compressive damage and fracture modeling of ceramic subjected to high-velocity impact part 230
Computer writing: using the power of the computer to express yourself in print, Emily Dickinson's menagerie30
Coping with nursing home placement: a guide for spouses of Alz[h]eimer's victims. By Edna Loise Blevins, Lauren Ann Jones & Frances J. Anthony part 228
Correlation of factors related to writing behaviors and student-developed rubrics on writing performance and pedagogy in ninth grade students25
Easy writer strategies for learning to write and writing to learn, Easy writer, Beats by Bas29
Ecosystem dynamics of the boreal forest, Ecology30
Educational assessment for the elementary and middle school classroom, Teacher behavior and pupil self-concept25
[Ellis] Critical thinking; supplement to Becoming a master student. By College Survival, Inc28
Exercises to accompany Scott Foresman SF writer, third edition, A Contemporary rhetoric30
Exploring the north coast of British Columbia, From these beginnings, Bears, and six other plays30
Financial institutions, markets, and economic activity, She don't know it yet, I'll drink to that30
Guide to the ballet; an introduction to the history and art of ballet with 47 ballets described in detail. Author of original Dutch language bk.: J. E. Hornstra Verwer (Hans Verwer), English language translation: Henry Mins, employee in a work for hire of Barnes & Noble30
History of the American Newspapers Publishers Association. By William Edwin Emery, Jr29
Illustrated notebook to accompany Principles of anatomy and physiology, Nicotine26
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Communicating effectively, sixth edition [by] Saundra Hybels, Richard L. Weaver 2nd part 330
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Successful small business management [by] Megginson/Scott/Megginson, sixth edition28
Instructor's manual and test-item file for Edwin Mansfield's Managerial economics, third edition30
Instructor's manual, test bank, and data disk to accompany Understanding and using Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows release 5, [by] Steven C. Ross, Dolores W. Pusins part 330
Instructor's manual to accompany Easy writer, basic sentence combining and comprehensive skills, second edition29
Instructor's manual to accompany Good and Brophy's Educational psychology, Contemporary educational psychology30
Instructor's manual to accompany Invitation to psychology, third edition [by] John P. Houston, Constance Hammen, Amado Padilla, Helen Bee part 228
Instructor's manual to accompany Principles of anatomy and physiology, fifth edition30
Instructor's manual to accompany Terry G. Jordan and Lester Rowntree, The Human mosaic30
Instructor's manual to accompany The American political system, Feel good, Five women have a party28
Instructor's manual to accompany The Developing child, fourth edition, The developing child30
Instructor's manual to accompany The Language of argument, fourth edition, Be thou glorified30
Instructor's manual to accompany The Little, Brown handbook, third edition, The Taming of the shrew30
Instructor's manual to accompany The short prose reader, tenth edition [by] Gilbert H. Muller, Harvey S. Wiener part 230
Instructor's manual with tests to accompany Human sexuality, second edition, Intimate moments30
Instructor's manual with transparency masters to accompany George E. Rejda, Principles of risk management and insurance, sixth edition21
Instructor's manual with transparency masters to accompany Technical writing, third edition30
Instructor's resource book, Essentials of psychology and life, 10th edition, Shyness--what is it? What to do about it30
International management and technology consultants, consulting for Japanese business30
I've been missin' you for the right kind of reason blues ; Southern Interest ; Blue samba Valentino30
Laboratory manual for Human anatomy for use with models and prosected cadavers, Emphasis art30
Laboratory manual for Human anatomy for use with models and prosected cadavers, Speak with confidence30
Letters to the moon, Messages27
Liability of school officials and administrators for civil rights torts, Rick and Paul at home: vol. II30
Living well while spending less: how to cut costs and find the best values, Living well part 230
Logar, the biggest giant that ever was, and his very special friend, Color palettes30
Making sense of postmodern identities. A comparative investigation of social constructionists' methodological theories: theory of coordinated management of meaning and rhetorical-responsive perspective part 230
Measuring the inefficiency due to the fiscal consolidation of school districts, Homeownership28
Microeconomics test bank to accompany Introduction to economics and introduction to microeconomics part 330
Mysteries of the sentence, and other essays on the nature and teaching of writing30
Out of place, and 9 other selections, Oooppss! [non-printable data], Pleasure joke28
Popular & rock price guide for 45's, the little record with the big hole, Too much of water. By Bruce Hamilton30
Practice tests to accompany Crider, Goethals, Kavanaugh, Solomon Psychology, fourth edition part 230
Presidents, prime ministers, and governors of the English-speaking Caribbean and Puerto Rico part 230
Principles of economics, fourth edition [by] Ryan C. Amacher, Holley H. Ulbrich part 230
Principles of microeconomics, second edition [by] Mark Rush, Microeconomics, Modern price theory27
Prospectus for--A New protocol for the treatment of anaplastic disease, "the differentiation induction approach" part 230
Red, white, and Black; the peoples of early North America. By Gary B. Nash, The Private side of American history, readings in everyday life30
Revitalizing general education in a time of security, Curriculum30
Roots of the New Deal; the economic thought of Franklin D. Roosevelt to 1932. Text: Daniel R. Fusfeld21
Save big trouble, time, and money--start your home work with H I M, Breaking through with a simple prayer30
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of introduction to probability and statistics30
Selected factors that influenced curriculum coordinators and physical educators as they adopt Pennsylvania's 1993 school code part 330
Sense of union--it's just as lonely at the bottom, You're only dreaming, I don't want to fall for you again25
Sherlock Holmes in Babylon and other tales of mathematical history, A First course in abstract algebra25
Silly slamanders [sic] and other slightly stupid stuff for Readers Theatre. By Anthony D. Fredericks30
SocNotes plus a study companion to accompany Racial and ethnic groups, tenth edition [by] Richard T. Schaefer part 227
Solutions manual for the Family finance practice set to accompany Block/Peavy/Thornton, Personal financial management part 230
Solutions manual with transparency masters to accompany An introduction to fiber optic systems part 330
Springboard for passing the GED interpreting literature and the art test, Springboard30
Statistics for business and economics: an action learning approach, Engineering systems analysis30
Strategies for learning mathematics successfully, Historical viewpoints, The Ecopathic revue30
Student handbook and study guide for Physical geology, sixth edition [by] L. Don Leet, Sheldon Judson, Marvin E. Kauffman part 330
Study guide for McNergney and Herbert Foundations of education--the challenge of professional practice30
Study guide for use with Supervision--managing for results, 9th edition, by John W. Newstrom and Gregory R. Fox27
Study guide to accompany Business law today, comprehensive edition, text & cases--legal, ethical regulatory, and international environment, fourth edition part 230
Study guide to accompany Business law today, comprehensive edition, text & cases--legal, ethical regulatory, and international environment, fourth edition part 330
Study guide to accompany Managerial economics in a global economy, fourth edition [by] Dominick Salvatore part 228
Supplemental chapters, Speaking on special occasions and Public group communication to accompany Principles of speech communication, thirteenth brief edition27
Teacher's manual for Economics of work, second edition, Managerial economics, Study guide to accompany Managerial economics29
Test bank to accompany Arlene S. Skolnick and Jerome H. Skolnick's Family in transition, fifth edition25
Testbank to accompany Contemporary psychotherapies--models and methods, A short guide to writing about biology26
The Effects of oil shale-related effluents on some benthic freshwater .., Becoming Buddha30
The high-school student's guide to study, travel, and adventure abroad, Rhetorical visions of female managers in popular self-help books23
The privatization amendment to the Constitution of these United States of America30
The relationship between sexual orientation, comfort with orientation, self-concept, personal motivating factors, and mothering choices for lesbians25
The relationship of female nurses' expertise to empathic concern, perspective taking, cognitive complexity, and analytic interactive style part 230
The role of 5-HT(1A) and alpha(2)-adrenergic systems in buspirone-induced paradoxical effects in the chick social-separation stress model30
The Sourcebook: activities to enrich programs for infants and young children, The Making of economics20
Tonal harmonic syntax and guitar performance idiom in two mid-seventeenth-century Italian guitar books by Angelo Michele Bartolotti (c. 1615--after 1682)25
Vitamins and hormones. Vol. 14: advances in research and applications. By Robert Samuel Harris, Kenneth Vivian Thimann & Guy Frederick Marrian30
With Walt Whitman in Camden, July 7, 1890-February 10, 1891, Untitled biography of U. S. Grant30
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