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A comparative analysis of job satisfaction between public elementary school principals in traditional calendar schools and in year-round schools30
A Comparison of the management systems of traditional-basic skills and conventional .30
A History of American folklore scholarship before 1908, Salmon production, management, and allocation28
American sports analysts January 29, 2005, pro and college basketball picks30
An analysis of speculator behavior and the dynamics of price in a futures market30
An Analysis of the ministry by objectives maturity level of selected .., Nazi war criminals in America30
An endangered species; the survival manual for the white heterosexual male, BBT, Though we feel your presence with us30
An object-oriented introduction to computer science using Eiffel, Basic chemistry30
A Practical guide to Personal DeskMate 2 also covers Professional Deskmate, User's manual for MX-80 printer30
Association between cerebral oxygen metabolic rate and the incidence .., Automatic control systems28
A study of high field quantum electrodynamics in the collision of high energy electrons with a terawatt laser30
A study of the effects of a mentoring initiative on the performance of new adjunct community college faculty part 330
A taste of the past; early foodways of the Albemarle region, 1585-1830; February 9, 1991-August 18, 1991. Guest exhibition curator, James C. Jordan 3rd; curator and editor, Barbara E. Taylor; exhibit designer, John D. Ellington; ill. by Linda Dallas; photography by John Bivins and Eric Blevins part 230
A visual introduction to AutoCAD and 3D designing with release 14, Basic electronic and electrical drafting workbook25
Basic statistics for the behavioral sciences, [by] Kenneth D. Hopkins, Gene V. Glass30
Biblelized poems, songs, and choruses, Dialing for dollars, The Four Hawaiis29
Bioethics & the new medical technology, Vietnam30
California real estate office administration instructor's and student study guide30
Can we talk? Conceptual models and a pragmatic process for conducting reflexive supervisory dialogues in a learning organization28
Classic & emerging religious theory--a starting point for determining criterion that distinguish authentic and fanatical religion, a unified approach for a research initiative30
Clave de respuestas para la guia de estudio para Refrigeracion y acondicionamiento de aire modernos part 226
Computer-aided design-for-reliability of deep sub-micron integrated circuits, Software applications24
Computer-based personalization as facilitator of mathematics self-efficacy and mental computation performance of middle school students part 230
Computer shorthand medical dictation and transcription for all machine shorthand theories30
Content reading science level C with accompanying teacher's guide and an swer key30
Control, health perceptions, and information seeking as correlates of risky behavior in the context of AIDS30
Correlation of Optical Data's cosmic chemistry videodiscs to Prentice Hall chemistry30
Cultural orientation and positive psychological status as protective factors against problem behaviors in southwestern American Indian adolescents21
Design of analog-digital VLSI circuits for telecommunications and signal processing part 330
Development and applications of magneto-optical scanning probe microscopy, The Winnin' hand30
Digital foundations of time series analysis, vol. 2, wave--equation space--time processing29
Effects of traditional versus learning-style presentations of course content in ultrasound and anatomy on the achievement and attitude of college students30
Electric circuit analysis, third edition [by] David E. Johnson, John L. Hilburn, Johnny R. Johnson, Peter D. Scott30
Emergency explanation of the 1981 tax cut law and immediate-action strategies you can use now!30
Empowering women alcoholics to help themselves and their sisters in the workplace30
Enamorados (this old song of love), Distant, Senor Marti24
Essentials of managerial finance, instructor's manual. By J. Fred Weston & Eugene F. Bringham30
Everything you need to know about breast health and cancer detection, Venus Williams, tennis champion25
Expectant peoples; nationalism and development. Compilation, foreword & introd.: K. H. Silvert, pref.: Kenneth W. Thompson30
Facing the future's risks; studies toward predicting the unforseen. Edited by Dyman Bryson with the collaboration of Ralph H. Blanchard, Wayne Dennis, Ralph W. Gerard et al30
Factors affecting dropouts and dropbacks as perceived by at-risk students in a midwestern alternative high school setting part 230
Feminism and sociological theory. By Sage Publications, Inc, Contemporary sociological theory26
Fundamentals of AutoCAD release 14 electronics drafting workbook, Discovering Autocad release 1230
Game-Freer teaching and learning; how to increase intellectual productivity in schools by decreasing psychological games30
Genealogy of General Richard and Margaret Riley of Berkeley County, Virginia, and Belmount County, Ohio30
How to play with the three-timer!, The eternal "now", Sources of world civilization30
Inorganic polymers. By James E. Mark, Harry R. Allcock, Robert West, Contemporary polymer chemistry30
Instructor's guide for Structured Basic applied to technology, Digital systems, logic, and applications27
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Understanding economics today, seventh edition [by] Gary M. Walton, Frank C. Wykoff part 330
Instructor's manual to accompany Family talk--interpersonal communication in the family part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany Hoffman/Moore Business ethics, readings and cases in corporate morality, second edition26
Instructor's manual with video instructor's guide to accompany Psychology in the new millennium, seventh editoin [by] Spencer A. Rathus30
Intermediate algebra, an applied approach, third edition, Arithmetic, Arithmetic, an applied approach30
Introduction to electricity and electronics, conventional current version, electron flow version, third edition30
Introduction to electricity and electronics, conventional current version, electron flow version, third edition part 230
Introduction to electricity and electronics, conventional current version, electron flow version, third edition part 330
Introduction to Sobolev spaces and finite element solution of elliptic boundary value problems part 330
Lab manual to accompany Electronic communications systems fundamentals through advanced part 230
Laboratory manual to accompany Introductory DC/AC electronics, third edition and Introductory DC/AC circuits, third edition by Nigel P. Cook part 330
Language experience approach to reading (and writing), Roll call, Aradus25
Listening for structural cues with the mini check system, Consonants sound easy!30
Listening to music and increasing reading achievement scores in vocabulary and comprehension and total reading ability28
Macroeconomics test bank to accompany Introduction to economics and Introduction to macroeconomics part 230
Male and female young adults standing next to fruit ; The Religious diet, Ain't giving nothing away30
Marathon Orthotics, Inc., custom medical foot orthotic laboratory, The liver, Dramatic signs of healing30
Mathematics elements, whirl derivatives of operators and the gravitational density part 230
Modern elementary school science. By Willard J. Jacobson & Harold E. Tannenbaum30
Money, the financial system, and monetary policy, fourth edition, [by] Thomas Cargill part 330
Numerical methods for differential equations; fundamental concepts for scientific and engineering applications. By Michael Anthony Celia and William Guerin Gray part 530
Personal information, greetings and introductions, alphabet, numbers ; Everyday activities ; The classroom, classroom actions ... [et al.]30
Physician's handbook. By Marcus A. Krupp, Norman J. Sweet, Ernest Jawetz and Charles D. Armstrong25
Power system transient stability analysis using the transient energy function method. By Abdel-Aziz A. Fouad, Vijay Vittal part 430
Practical distillation. Pilot 1. Unit 3: Fractionating equipment, Unit 4: The Use of fractionating equipment. By Resource Development Corporation, employer for hire of Martin Hawley and Lyn Sandow30
Practical spreadsheet statistics and curve fitting for scientists and engineers, The Ad game30
Prentice Hall handbook for writers, tenth edition [by] Glenn Leggett, C. David Mead, Melinda G. Kramer ; with the editorial supervision of Richard S. Beal30
Prices, inventories, and capacity, a theoretical-empirical study of the downstream petroleum industry29
Proofguides to accompany Word processing applications in automated offices, Fundamentals of music30
Psychology, second edition [by] Douglas A. Berstein, Edward J. Roy, Thomas K. Srull, Christopher D. Wickens25
Real estate contract (offer and acceptance for unimproved property) 92/9330
Second language acquisitions, preparing for tomorrow, Encuentros culturales, Loteria30
Self-study guide for Behavioral science in business to accompany the Certified Professional Secretary examination review series30
Self-study guide for Behavioral science in business to accompany the Certified Professional Secretary examination review series part 230
Self-study guide for Office administration and communication to accompany the Certified Professional Secretary examination review series30
Self-study guide for Office administration and communication to accompany the Certified Professional Secretary examination review series part 230
Sexual aggression among African-American students on predominately African-American college campuses part 230
Shot Spot, the perfection of vaccine delivery in the pediatric office, Developing an effective and accountable school counseling program30
Sociology, third edition [by] Linda L. Lindsey, Stephen Beach, At home in the sun28
Special "insiders" guide for making money on the internet, Speed reading naturally30
Stormwater detention for drainage, water quality, and CSO management, Study scores of historical styles30
Student activities manual to accompany Adjustment and growth, the challenges of life, sixth edition, [by] Spencer A. Rathus and Jeffrey S. Nevid30
Student exercise manual to accompany Measurement and assessment in teaching, ninth edition26
Student guide to I F P S (Interactive financial planning system), Show your love without being physical29
Student workbook to accompany Electric circuits fundamentals, 5th edition and Electronics fundamentals, 5th edition by Thomas L. Floyd30
Study guide to accompany Criminal justice in the United States, Don't wish your life away30
Teaching reading through differentiated instruction with leveled graphic organizers27
Technical specifications for the North Carolina Child Welfare Pre-service Training Curriculum Test of General Knowledge29
Television, cable, and radio; a communications approach. By Edgar E. Willis, Henry B. Aldridge28
Test bank to accompany Essentials of economics, sixth edition, by Bradley R. Schiller and Linda Wilson30
The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of suicide assessment and management30
The Art of manipulation with illustrations. By William Clarence Kenton & Clyde Herbert Lentz part 230
The Blues ain't news to me. Words & music by Samuel B. Friedman & Jules Lee Fox30
The Cheerleaders. Series no. 25-D. By PAMS Advertising Agency, Older men, Going backwards30
The Columbia University School of Public Health complete guide to health and well-being after 5030
The country journal New England weather book. By Richard Ketchum, David Ludlum & William Blair30
The Effectiveness of a short term, didactic, group psychotherapy in .., Experiments in organic chemistry28
The Horror Writers Association presents Peter Straub's Ghosts, Houses without doors30
The Illustrated MS-DOS-WordStar handbook, with MailMerge and SpellStar operations part 330
The interesting narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African, written by himself30
The interstress interval as an indicator of perceived intelligibility among nonnative speakers of English30
The legend of Buttercup Fields featuring Gwen, the bag, Celebrating 25 years of Dakota Bowl30
The philosophy of science in late nineteenth century Southern Presbyterianism, Reading30
The principal's perceptions of what a school is as an indicator of the success of the school improvement planning process30
The Process Safety Institute presents Process hazard analysis using the hazard and operability (HAZOP) and what-if checklist techniques30
The Sociology of social problems. By Paul B. Horton and Gerald R. Leslie, Sociology30
The Suspense thriller, a structural and psychological examination of a film genre27
The Whole natural law of the solar system which describes the electricosmatics positive and negative side, implement the realitivity [i.e. relativity] that modifies its functional theory part 330
Three arguments against whole language & why they are wrong, On course, Principles and practice in second language acquisition30
To Jesus with love. Dramatization: John P. G. McKenzie & Ruth Perry, Live again28
Trademark and copyright considerations for the independent filmmaker, The Prism of self30
Transaction processing facility main supervisor program logic manual for the high performance option, version 3.130
Understanding and ordering the most common types of ductwork fittings, lay-out, and cutting to be done by computer30
Victorian glory in San Francisco and the Bay area, The bungalow series, Inside the bungalow30
Vol. II, chapters 15-28, instructor's resource guide to accompany College accounting, revised edition25
WinAlign Spec Installation CD, part no. C02-0150000-2, WinAlign program, vehicle specification database & photo description database part 330
Winchester for over a century, v. 3, model 1885 Winchester single shot & 20 other titles30
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