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Accounting and budgeting in public and nonprofit organizations, Management and leadership in higher education30
A collection of thoughts, theories, and philosophy by Daniel John, Dream lady, Sagittarian lover30
A comparative analysis of critical competencies of the assessment of ministry effectiveness30
A comparison of the spontaneous utterances of students with autism across two educational settings part 230
Activation loop conformation of the insulin receptor and its relationship with insulin receptor regulation30
Adult education courses, events, and programs for Greater Roxbury, MA, Lifelong learning24
A General, unified, philosophical, and not necessarily scientific theory of general superspace, subatomic particles, events, and bodies30
Alfred Jensen, paintings and diagrams from the years 1957-1977, A case study, In western New York, 197930
A Model for a middle school guidance program based on developmental tasks of students30
An analysis of current instructional practices at selected universities utilizing interactive television technology30
An analysis of the receptivity of administrators and faculty members to cultural synergy as an approach for managing the impact of cultural diversity in higher education30
An ethnography of couple and therapist experiences in reflecting team practice, Learning and teaching therapy25
An exploratory family study of IQ and specific cognitive abilities in classical congenital adrenal hyperplasia part 225
An Exploratory study of adult learners' perceptions of the professors' communication of power in the college classroom part 330
An individualized computer test of cognitive understanding of music concepts presented in widely used beginning instrumental method books part 227
An Ounce of prevention plus a pound of cure: tests and techniques for aiding individual readers26
A Pindaric ode. m Chick Carlton (Carlton Brown), w J. Topper (John Bottome), Investigation of the necessary components of a 500-year cadastre23
Are we having fun yet? The use of play-based training methods and healthcare educators' flow experience30
A Rock and roll Christmas with shake, rattle, and roll, Anatomy of a gangster: Jack "Legs" Diamond30
Art education in the non-public schools of Pennsylvania, 1720-1870, Arts education and back to basics21
A Solution procedure for an aspect of the admissions problem at a small private college27
Atlas of the Pacific Northwest edited by Philip L. Jackson & A. Jon Kimerling, Ready-to-use cartoons for church publications30
Authority claims and social legitimation in the book of Jeremiah, People got to make friends27
Blueprint for quality: how training can turn strategy into real improvement. By Ted Cocheu part 230
Building character by increasing emotional interpersonal competencies30
Building community, building bridges: Jewish American women's organizations in Minneapolis, 1945-1975. By Linda Mack Schloff30
Changing universe model of the cosmic microwave background temperature, elliptical galaxies, redshift, and discrete redshift30
Characteristics and origin of the Cedar Hill bentonite bed, lower Austin Chalk, Dallas County vicinity part 330
Classifying personality types and determining a profile of female carpenters based on Holland's hexagon model30
Comparative analysis of the American Bar Association standards for the administration of criminal justice and military practice and procedure30
Comparative effects of verbal and response card reviews during lesson closure on the academic performance of high school students in a ninth-grade earth science course30
Consumer Communications presents C R S, a Consumer response system, Twenty Four, Jumping Levels math program30
Corresponding to the recorded decrees from beloved Cha Ara--decrees, Mrs. G. W. Ballard and "I am" students; recording script, 4-16-58, Santa Fe, New Mexico30
Decentralization of wireless monitoring and control technologies for smart civil structures30
Development and analysis of a model for assessing perceived security threats and characteristics of innovating for wireless networks30
Effective evaluation--a systematic approach for grantseekers and project managers27
Effective work management. By Milon Brown, Instruments of power, Veiled wonder28
Epistemological insights from Daniel 5:7-23, Belshazzar's willful rejection of extra-biblical Revelation, illustrated by Belshazzar's exclusion of Babylon's "magicians" part 230
Escape from the planet of the antmen, Angry young men, Red lipstick30
Evaluating correctional and community settings. By Rudolf H. Moos, Bernice S. Moos, Jean Otto et al30
Exploring leadership for college students who want to make a difference, Leading academic change30
Financial and strategic management for nonprofit organizations, Planning smaller cities29
How to assess your nonprofit organization with Peter Drucker's five most important questions part 230
How to measure productivity in your organization. By American Productivity Center22
Inflatimation/the clown & 7 other titles; versions of costume designs Inflatimations28
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Perspectives in nutrition, second edition [by] Gordon M. Wardlaw, Paul M. Insel26
Instructor's manual/test bank to accompany Culture and values, a survey of the Western humanities, fourth edition part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany Cases and exercises in personnel/human resources management [by] William F. Glueck30
Instructor's resource manual for Being a nursing assistant, ninth edition [by] Francie Wolgin part 229
Instructor's resource manual to accompany Study skills for today's college student26
Interdisciplinary communication between occupational therapists and nurses in the pediatric home health care setting30
Kickin' tricks audio visual work on advanced yoyo performing, Missouri to Texas in six songs27
Laboratory-engineered liposomes designed to attract and degrade HIV, Hand that rocks the cradle30
Leadership and management in academic medicine, Marjo's songs, Majo's songs21
Legal constraints governing public access to facilities of public senior .., A revision of the genus Cinchona (Rubiaceae-Cinchoneae)30
Legendary narratives inherited by children of Mexican-American ancestry, He's trying to tell me he's leavin'25
Leonard Bernstein conducting USSR Orchestra from Moscow at Carnegie Hall, NYC, Synopsis by synaps30
Listening to your business - facilitator guide30
Look out the window and see how I'm standing in the rain. Words: Bob Hilliard (Robert Hilliard), music: Dave Mann30
Make a Jiffy-Level when you don't have a level available and you can hang those pictures etc., like a pro part 230
Management without precedent--readings to strengthen community-based organizations30
Marathon sponsor crosses wire a winner with neighbors, employees, consumers, "Rite of spring" sparks new interest in home permanents24
Mathematics assessment questionnaire, computer version30
Measuring the effects of the Rorschach Color Cards (VIII-X) on perceptual accuracy and special scores in differentiating borderline from schizophrenic protocols30
New designs for rugs, pictures, and other decorative items, New designs, Scarred by struggle, transformed by hope29
Nonprofit organizations, community participation, and health and human services planning in the postindustrial period30
Organizational and technological strategies for higher education in the information age30
Paddy Wilson's Meeting House. By Arthur E. Wilson, Passion and love songs, Get off dat wall28
Parent-child interaction in establishing common ground before and after theory-of-mind development30
Parrot in the oven [by] Victor Martinez, The bean trees [by] Barbara Kingsolver, Bless me, Ultima [by] Rudolfo Anaya30
Planning pro for the IBM Computer (1 v.) TX 1-934-581 (1986)23
Practical task analysis writing for effective/efficient training and management, First-person America30
Private sector business assistance to vocational education programs achieved through participation in the vocational instruction practicum26
Professional communities and the work of high schoool teaching, Teachers' work, Building school-based teacher learning communities30
Prototype decision support system and aid in predicting training strategy success30
Prototype development of a self-instructional program in media selection, Surviving domestic violence26
Psychoanalysis, shame, and the psychoanalytic psychotherapist30
Psychophysical assessment of the perceived print quality of .., The reinventing government workbook30
Rationale and design for a model school finance statute for the State of Pennsylvania26
Recent developments in Connecticut uninsured and underinsured motorist law, Replaced25
Reference guide to the Pennsylvania Enrollment Planning Project, a service of the College Board's Comprehensive Undergraduate Enrollment Planning Project30
*Removed* in the American Catholic Church with a focus on social and educational change part 230
Self-disclosure and concealment among Chinese Americans as predicted by acculturation level, private self-consciousness, and face concerns30
Service-learning leadership and implementation in three middle schools. the story of an innovation in the school district of philadelphia30
Stability and change in the Pennsylvania German dialect of an old order Amish community in Lancaster County30
Star fleet II: Krellan commander users manual. By Robert Lee Winkler, ISP, Computer-aided modeling for managers30
Teacher's activity guide, General business for economic understanding, 12th edition26
Test file to accompany Klein, Learning--principles and applications, Learning, Instructor's manual and test file to accompany Klein, Learning27
Testimonials of God's saving hands and inspirational poetry, The over-valued and under-valued self30
The 7 habits of highly effective people. By Stephen R. Covey. Miniature ed, Seven habits of highly effective people30
The Analytic hierarchy process: planning, priority setting, resource allocation, Prediction, projection and forecasting30
The ancestors and descendants of Gottfried and Anna Margaret (Schreiber) Kress/Gress30
The Answers to our most frequently asked questions, The Consultant30
The best moving vans in America are now available for light commerical needs flier26
The Dynamics of interviewing: theory, technique, and cases. By Robert L. Kahn & Charles F. Cannell30
The focus theory of group productivity and its application to development and testing of electronic group support systems part 230
The future of science in elementary schools, The View from Shangri-La, Agent of change24
The game of life (exteriorization and havingness), JSTOR, In pursuit of the PhD30
The (help!) I-don't-have-enough-time guide to volunteer management, By the people28
The history of the Riverside Church in the city of New York, When true simplicity is gained25
The human element; productivity, self-esteem, and the bottom line. By Will Schutz30
The Jossey-Bass academic administrator's guide to exemplary leadership, Managerial values in perspective30
The Lay person's role in the treatment of child abuse and neglect, The city sketches26
Theory construction and data analysis in the behavioral sciences, Change in public bureaucracies30
The Project New Pride alternative school description and information booklet, The Project30
The quickening. (Star trek: Deep Space Nine, episode no. 495) PA 832-656, The Hyway [sic]30
The relationships among academic performance, academic achievement, social acceptance, and the self-esteem of children within third and sixth grades30
The Role of price as a signal of product quality in monopolistic .., Alone, not lonely30
The silversmith's pattern book--fundamental patterns. Vol. 1. By Country Joe Stevens30
The universality of marketing--a symbolic approach to marketing in the third world30
Thinking horizontally, acting vertically and revolutionizing a market driven company30
Transforming school leadership and management to support student learning and development30
Unified financial reporting system for not-for-profit organizations, Lessons from the cyberspace classroom30
What'cha doin' after midnight? By B. Mevis & H. Garvin, Troubled women, Uh, uh, baby30
When God says no, there are blessings on the other side of the pain, Minding your own money25
Woody the little wooden barge that wanted to sail, Velvet revolutions, Sonnets24
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