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A Guide for leading discussions using Touchstones, vol. I, Investigating mathematics30
Analysis of anti-DNA antibodies in SLE by a monoclonal anti-idiotype, Color blind27
An Examination of the current debate initiated by James S. Coleman concerning urban .30
Assessment and instructional practices of secondary mathematics teachers who participated in project extra28
A study of urban middle school students' attitudes toward reading improvement classes and the impact of parents', teachers', and students' expectations on student achievement30
A teacher's handbook for cultural diversity, families, and the special education system30
Breath-by-breath determination of alveolar dead space and gas exchange, Spanish math terms = Palabras fundamentals de matematics27
[Cover art, Hen and her chicks, feminine (God) creating Adam (an interpretation)]26
Expanding cooperative learning through group investigation, A Study of contrast, The Nature of time in schools23
Family day care effectiveness inventory; pt. A (parent inventory), pt. B (provider inventory), pt. C (social worker inventory)29
Grade point average and the frequency of dropping out of school as a function of school transfers made by high school students30
Instructional manual to accompany Looking for meaning, Natasha, Discovering philosophy30
Instructor's manual to accompany Early childhood education--an introduction, Curriculum for the preschool-primary child: a review of the research27
Instructor's test manual to accompany An Introduction to physiological psychology, third edition [by] Allen M. Schneider and Barry Tarshis30
In the spirit of inquiry--Milton Meltzer, whole language and critical theory30
It's your fault. w & m Inez Loewer & Wilbert Baranco, Avon fun book and records30
Multiplication tables in music and the alpha-graphic music process, Division30
Ongoing CSIU Ambassador/Employee Training Plan, Given opportunities, Inclusive schools, building a better tomorrow26
Opinions affecting and deflecting the implementation of inclusion, CW, Duh30
Orthodontic principles not just another spring beyond bio-mechanics to bio/analytical mechanics, chapter 14 part 227
Phoebe the spy, by Judy Berry Griffin, illustrated by Margot Tomes, Stone soup, Birthday poems29
Popularity, decentering ability, and role taking ability in learning disabled and normal .30
Possible mechanisms of neurotoxicity and dopoamine-mediated injury in the newborn brain during hypoxia and posthypoxic reoxygenation30
Practice, law, and thoughts on boundary surveying in the 1990's in Maryland (especially Baltimore City)30
Professionalism in elementary schools in elementary school districts in Los Angeles County as perceived by elementary principals and elementary teachers30
S.O.P.'s: survival operating procedures, Snapped, Smooth tip28
Superintendents, school board members, and legislators' perceptions on policies, priorities, identification, and program needs of latchkey children in selected school districts in the state of Ohio30
Test package to accompany Basic reading skills handbook, fourth edition [by] Wiener, Bazerman30
The boy who swallowed snakes, Tongues of jade, The Serpent's children28
The effects of the project "the African diaspora--teaching the children" on knowledge attainment, black self-concept, and achievement motivation of senior high school students of French and Spanish30
The Harvard Business School Guide to careers in the nonprofit sector, Serious playground, and other selections30
The having of wonderful ideas and other essays on teaching and learning, Getting to excellent26
The having of wonderful ideas and other essays on teaching and learning, Learning community indicator30
The secret undercover investigation "murder" of United States President John F. Kennedy30
The trumpeter of Krakow. By Eric P. Kelly, decorations: Janina Domanska, foreword: Louise Seaman Bechtel, author of renewable matter: Macmillan Company30
Transcripts of the Sixth Symposium--Care of the Professional Voice, June 1977, the Julliard School, New York City30
Understanding curriculum as phenomenological and deconstructed text, David Mead, Form H S scoring key30
You gotta be a cuckoo. By Tobe Allen Briles, Jr., Nancy Jo Talley & Wanda Nadine Chisolm30
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