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A Competency profile for the head teacher employed in full time licensed center-based .26
A Contingent program planning model (C P P M) for changing teacher preparation in response to P.L. 94-14230
Acts-Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians-Philippians, Colossians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon27
A design for Alana: creating the next generation of American schools, School-university partnerships in action30
A Guideline on how to start a shelter system for battered women and children and how to keep it operating30
A History of Africa; south of the Sahara. Text: Donald L. Wiedner, maps: Random House, Inc., as employer for hire of Theodore R. Miller part 330
Alternative schools and a plan of action for developing alternatives, Organizational environments30
A Model for pupil progression and compensatory education based on a study of the plans .30
An analysis of factors within institutional environments that are supportive of women students in five types of small colleges in the United States30
An integrated geophysical investigation of Greenland's tectonic history, Managing projects30
A parents guide to changing destructive adolescent behavior. By Ralph Fry, 1950-, Roger Morgan, 1950-, Susan M. Johnson, 1948-, Pete Melendez; illustrated by Thong Thach30
Approaches to integrating academic and vocational education, Education through occupations in American high schools24
Artificial pinning centers in niobium-titanium superconductor utilizing expanded metal in a jelly-roll conductor part 226
A study of self-efficacy and the mediating effects of perceived control in the workplace30
A Study of the economy of articulatory movements introduced through the resolution of medial . part 230
A Study of the factors that have contributed to the success of the J. C. Penney Company30
A wavelet-based spatially and temporally adaptive numerical method for partial differential equations and its application to the solution of the heat flow problem in crystal growth part 230
Back to basics--a parent's guide to saving our children30
Beating the odds! "will" versus "destiny" in the 20th century30
Benchmarking analysis of the Collection System Division, Metropolitan Wastewater Department, City of San Diego, California, prepared for the City of San Diego, California Competition Program, February 2000 part 230
Breaking free when you're the adult child of an alcoholic part 230
Brief therapy and adaptation to illness in a work hardening program, Changing directives30
Bubba. w & m John P. Volianitis, 1964-, Alexander S. Morrison 5th, 1965-, J. C. Denton 4th, 1967-, & Thomas P. Volianitis, 196730
Chemical cues, foraging behavior, and tarsal sensilla in carpenter ants, Camponotus species (Hymenoptera30
Coercive persuasion. By Edgar H. Schein, Inge Schneier, Curtis H. Barker, Career dynamics of counselor trainee stereotyping30
Compression Testing of Homogeneous Materials and Composites, Tenure, Making America work27
Conflict resolution ability and social-cognitive correlates in severely language-impaired and nonimpaired children part 330
Coping with male mid-life; a systematic analysis using literature as a data source. By Sharan B. Merriam part 230
Design and synthesis of chemical probes for the investigation of enzyme recognition of anionic substrates30
Designing and leading comprehensive school counseling programs, This is good news30
Diagnostic tests to accompany Handbook for writers, second edition [by] Celia Millward, Workbook for writers, second edition [by] Celia Millward and Linda Bowie30
Dynorphin A peptide involvement in the development of tolerance to delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol-induced antinociception part 230
Early family behavior, gender differences, and alcohol usage in persons .., The Open plains30
Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical investigations of the redox and ligand binding properties of myoglobin and myoglobin-ligand complexes at indium-tin oxide electrodes part 430
Evaluation of normal and ischemic left ventricular deformation patterns with tagged magnetic resonance imaging part 230
Fighting fair. (Dr. Phil, episode no. 1116) PA 1-129-234, The Termination handbook21
Forty creations of the new equity consolidation real estate transaction, Secrets of Beau Rivage30
General online course information ; FAQ technical support, faculty information, Habits of mind30
George C. Yount and his chronicles of the West; comprising extracts from his "memoirs" and from the Orange Clark narrative. Editing: Charles L. Camp employee of Fred A. Rosenstock d.b.a. Old West Publishing, employer for hire30
Getting to win--win in family business, Family business, Passing the family business25
Hank Rosso's achieving excelence in fund raising, Sales, marketing, and continuous improvement23
Home business as an alternative lifestyle for balancing work and family domains, Traditional versus alternative certification30
Improving performance for special education students with curriculum matrix data for meeting AYP in Nevada28
Inpatient group psychotherapy: a psychodynamic perspective, Existential psychotherapy27
Institutional change, discretion, and the making of modern congress, Joshua's dream30
Instructor's manual to accompany James Garbarino's Adolescent development, Protecting children from abuse and neglect29
Instructor's manual to accompany Teaching young children with special needs [by] Philip L. Safford .30
Instructor's resource manual and test item file to accompany University physics, standard version [by] Jeff Sanny & William Moebs27
Interaction of an accelerated spheromak-like compact toroid plasma with a uniform, sharp boundary, vacuum magnetic field30
Investigating the feasibility of linking pay with participation in an employee development program for engineering assistants (EAs) and civil engineers (CEs) in the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT)25
It takes two to build a home (but one can tear it down)30
Laboratory manual for Starr's Biology--concepts and applications and Starr & Taggart's Biology--the unity and diversity of life30
L'Examen Berger de l'aptitude pour la preparation d'ordinateur, A Casebook in group therapy: a behavioral-cognitive approach30
Lower-rim chemistry of calix(5)arenes, isolation of calix(9-20)arenes, and investigations of the mechanisms of the base-induced and acid-catalyzed calixarene-forming reactions30
Master test item file with solutions to accompany Administering human resources--an introduction to the profession part 226
My diary: August 30th to November 5th, 1874. By Cornelia Adair, introd.: Montagu K. Brown, ill.: Malcolm Thurgood30
My words of love to you, my wife on Mother's Day, Angkor, In the Oriental style30
Negotiating to yes--improving profits, strengthening relationships, Windows of opportunity30
Oil and gas law, the North Sea exploitation: [binder I] TX 362-112 (1979), Manual of oil and gas terms30
Organization certification standards manual for crisis intervention programs, People in crisis30
Parental expectations for students with severe and profound disabilities regarding inclusive educational placement30
Part-time faculty in American higher education, Zaddam music '82, The ballad of Jasper Quigsby20
Pay and organizational effectiveness; a psychological view, Bargaining, Tangled hierarchies30
PEEK--perceptions, expectation, emotions, and knowledge about college, Nothing to loose [sic] but postage28
Post-human mimesis and the aesthetics of the technical milieu, Beyond the hype, Networks and organizations26
Problems in engineering graphics fundamentals, series B, The Flats, As we were30
Professional development content and delivery strategies perceived by urban, elementary principals and expert staff developers that are beneficial in the transfer of learning from professional development occurrences to on-the-job application part 230
Restructuring a traditional junior high school into a community-based intergenerational learning center part 330
Roger Martin DuGard's "Weltanschauung" as disclosed through a study of the irony in his works30
Role conceptions and professional role discrepancy among hospital-based registered nurses30
Schools of tomorrow. By John Dewey and Evelyn Dewey, introd. by E. P. Dutton & Company, employer for hire of William W. Brickman30
Searching for trouble free document image processing solutions, American-Jewish filmmakers30
Section for Women in Public Administration, membership directory, Journal of management science & policy analysis30
Self-guided exploration for Introduction to therapeutic counseling, third edition30
Short term interactions of airway and tissue oxygen tensions on ciliary beat frequency in dogs29
[Solving elementary math--addition and subtraction ... dividing], Can you hop?, Interfacial biomolecular engineering30
Sonny Coastal's guide to Florida's tropical party drinks, Tablecloth scribbles, Sanibel scribbles21
Standing one secure hour behind Kay's shop, Let it be tonite, The Blowin' wind27
Stress and survival: the emotional realities of life-threatening illness, The soul of business30
Student activity manual to accompany Retailing concepts, strategy and information [by] Carol H. Anderson30
Student solutions manual to accompany The science of genetics [by] Alan G. Atherly, Jack R. Girton, John McDonald part 330
Student study guide to accompany Social psychology, second edition [by] Bertram H. Raven, Jeffrey Z. Rubin part 228
Synthesis and characterization of amphiphilic, zwitterionic polymers and the study of solution behavior upon addition of surfactant30
Teacher's manual for How a bill becomes a law; a Behavioral Research Laboratories program. By Fred M. Newmann, author of renewable matter: Behavioral Research Laboratories24
Teaching classic adventure stories through The Prince and the pauper, The Three Musketeers, The Swiss family Robinson, and Treasure Island30
The 1859-1867 funeral lists (Leichenverzeigniss) of Isaac Faust Stiehly, a Pennsylvania-German reformed minister of Pennsylvania's Mahantongo Valley part 230
The accidental tourist, Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, Islamic reform and the British invasion of Egypt in 1882 part 230
The boundary spanning activities of the customer support organization, Seventh Avenue reunion30
The case for human factors in industry and government, An examination of student test results22
The Effects of an aerobic exercise program on the resting pulse rate and academic achievement of fourth graders29
The Executive committee of the Italian Communist Party has issued the following statement concerning Poland and the the Communist movement30
The Executive committee of the Italian Communist Party has issued the following statement concerning Poland and the the Communist movement part 230
The human side of knowledge management, the part that technology can't do, My unmeasured friend29
The impact of hunting and habitat disturbance on the population dynamics and behavioral ecology of the crested black macaque (Macaca nigra) part 230
The Influence of budget related performance evaluation measures .., Keep on, Split-image30
The Jewish schism and its relevance to the era of the World wars, Streetfighter, Afternoon delight30
The last trial: on the legends and lore of the command to Abraham to offer Isaac as a sacrifice--the Akedah. By Shalom Spiegel, translation, introd., new pref.: Judah Goldin30
The McGraw-Hill college workbook to accompany Marius/Wiener The McGraw-Hill college handbook, second edition26
The new handbook of psychotherapy and counseling with men, Is this love we have?30
The New school executive; a theory of administration. By Thomas J. Sergiovanni & Fred D. Carver. 2d ed30
Theoretical and methodological issues in human resources management, Current issues in personnel management30
The Organizati[o]nal evolution of high tec[h]nology ventures; the impact of stage of growth on the nature of structure and planning processes. By Robert Kapriel Kazanjian28
The Owner's and manager's market analysis workbook for small to moderate retail and service establishments part 230
The Role expectations of the psychiatric liaison nurse consultant in a teaching hospital as perceived by non-psychiatric registered nurses and non-psychiatric medical house staff30
The role of law in progressive politics, Race matters, Fires in the mirror30
The teacher aide in early childhood education programs and in the after-school day care program30
Ultimate relationship program action book, Back from the edge, Negotiating conflict29
Understanding and facilitating adult learning, Discussion as a way of teaching, Becoming a critically reflective teacher20
Understanding and managing public organizations, Cheap but good marketing research30
Veterinary biology and medicine of captive amphibians and reptiles, Diseases of captive amphibians and reptiles30
Web hunts and virtual field trips: intermediate: projects and lessons plans using the internet part 329
What makes us run? Domain theory applied to youth serving organizations, Achieving credibility30
Workspace, creating environments in organizations, Ticket for tomorrow, Messenger RNA30
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