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NameNumber of records
Coal Miners Music.298
Coal Miners Music, Inc.226
Coastal Training Technologies Corporation832
Coastal Video Communications Corporation1684
Coburn Music, Inc.265
Coca-Cola Company242
Coldwater Creek, Inc.919
Cole Information Services1401
Colgems-E M I Music, Inc.5607
College Entrance Examination Board3762
College for Financial Planning, Denver258
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation238
Colpix Music, Inc.640
Colter Bay Music237
Columbia Pictures1145
Columbia Pictures Corporation.186
Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.4913
Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. Columbia Pictures1552
Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. Columbia Pictures.782
Columbia Pictures Television, Inc.827
Columbia Torch Music, Inc.2932
Columbia TriStar Home Video, Inc.1111
Columbia TriStar Television Distribution738
Columbia TriStar Television, Inc.1140
Columbia University Press2129
Columbia University Press.847
Columbia University. Teachers College990
Columbia University. Trustees292
Column Two Music114
Combine Music Corporation501
Comedy Partners1585
Comerica Bank.1113
Commerce Clearing House, Inc.2075
Communication Skill Builders, Inc.475
Community Television of Southern California212
Company Four281
Composers Recordings, Inc.258
Computer Associates International, Inc.1879
Computer Associates Think, Inc.695
Conan Properties, Inc.199
Concerned Group, Inc.200
Concorde-New Horizons Corporation338
Concordia Publishing House7590
Concordia Publishing House.990
Concord Jazz, Inc.772
Concord Music Group, Inc.797
Concord Records, Inc.398
Conde Nast Publications, Inc.1608
Conference Board, Inc.1127
Congressional Quarterly, Inc.755
Connotation Music245
Consumers Union of United States, Inc.439
Contemporary Books, Inc.288
Contemporary Perspectives, Inc.291
Continental Press, Inc.1872
Control Data Corporation3411
Copyright Control174
Coral Reefer Music270
Corinthian Group447
Coriolis Group368
Cornell University2775
Cornell University Press249
Coronado Publishers, Inc.213
Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints1039
Cortlandt Group, Inc.391
Corwin Press, Inc.878
Cota Music, Inc.162
Cotillion Music, Inc.500
Council on Foreign Relations, Inc.153
Countrywine Publishing Company214
Courier U S A872
Course Technology498
Covenant Communications, Inc.572
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